The Best Balance Boards

Whether you’re doing yoga, cardio, or just at your standing desk, balance boards are a great addition to your daily routine because they improve your balance and burn calories. There are three kinds to pick from: rocker boards, wobble boards, and roller boards. The smaller your board is and the more it is able to tilt, the more intense your workout will be. Not sure where to start? Check out our take on popular balance boards below to find the perfect addition to your routine.

Most Portable

EveryMile Wobble Balance Board


This board from EveryMile is a wobble board, which allows 360-degree rotation and a stronger core workout. The board, which is 15 inches long and has a 15-degree tilt, will give you a less extreme workout than other wobble boards. This style of board is perfect for a variety of exercises, such as meditation, yoga, and push-ups. The soft, non-skid surface is designed to be anti-tear and keep you secure at every angle. Available in three colors, it is designed to be lightweight and portable – it even has two handles built into the board. It will hold up to 300 pounds. Buy here!

Best Starter Roller Board

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer


The Revolution 101 is a roller style board, which means it balances a skateboard-style board atop a roller. It’s 30 inches long, which will allow you to position yourself comfortably. It also allows wide angles, which will give you a more intense workout. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, though – it has roller stops along its edges to prevent you from falling if you shift too far. This board is lightweight and portable, but it’s still heavy duty and can hold over 400 pounds. The grip is even softer than normal grip tape so it won’t scratch your feet. Ding: Because of its shape, it’s usable in a limited number of yoga positions. Get it here!

Best Starter Wobble Board

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board


This Yes4All board is another wobble board. It’s 15 inches long and has a 15-degree tilt and non-skid surface made of thick grip tape. This board is available in four colors, and you can even choose to buy it with resistance bands for an additional fee. It’s also made of wood and super heavy-duty. The board can support up to 300 pounds. Ding: Because it’s made of wood, this board is heavier and not as portable as other picks. Buy here now!

Most Intense Tilt

URBNFit Balance Board


This URBNFit wobble board has the most intense tilt of any wobble board on our list at 30 degrees. This tilt, along with its 15-inch diameter, will make for an intense workout. The grip tape on the surface makes for a secure, non-slip surface, and it will support almost every user (up to 550 pounds). It even comes with a free guide on different exercises you can use with the board. Ding: Because this board is more intense, we do not recommend using it for extended periods of time or for a standing desk. Get it here!

Most Durable

URBNFit Balance Board Trainer


If you’re looking for a board that can take a hit, this pick is for you. Made of a strong wood blend of pine and poplar, this roller board can hold a whopping 800 pounds. It’s 26 inches long, which is short for a roller board and will make for a more intense workout. Don’t worry about slipping, though; the emory grip tape and roller stops will keep you safely on the board. Best of all, it was built with vibration dampening tech to keep it smooth even when you wobble. It even comes with a free workout guidebook to roller boards. Click here to purchase!

Best Inflated Board

Prosource Fit Core Balance Disc Trainer


This pick from Prosource is our favorite inflatable wobble board. It’s cushioned to be easy on your ankles and easily inflatable with the included hand pump. Each side of the disc has a different texture; one side has raised massaging bumps, while the other has smoother raised bubbles. It also comes in six fun colors. Ding: This board has a very small tilt angle, which may not make your workouts challenging enough. Buy now!