The Best Balance Disks

Balance disks can be used for a range of activities. In addition to being a handy workout tool for strengthening your core and increasing your balance and stability, balance disks can be used at the office (if you want the benefits of a stability ball, but don’t want to lug one into your cubicle). They can even be helpful with childcare, as balance disks are used as tools in teaching and sensory experience learning. Depending on how you plan to use yours, you’ll want to compare stability, functionality, and design. Here are some quality options to consider when shopping for a balance disk.
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Best for the Beginner

King Athletic Stability Balance Disc

New to Balance Disks? This balance disk comes with everything you need to know to get the full range of benefits from balance discs.

What We Liked

The King Athletic stability balance disc is made with the beginner in mind. It’s heavy-duty, with no need to continuously check and refill the air. The 13-inch diameter, no-nonsense, the one-color-only disk comes with two free e-books to help you learn how to best use the disk, whether you just want to jump right in to get maximum results or you want to use the disk to add to your normal exercise routine. Buy Today on Amazon.

Family Choice

bintiva Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion

A Balance Disk for the Family. From the workout gurus to the gym rats, the kids to the working mom, everyone will enjoy the benefits of this balance disk.

What We Liked

This balance disk truly touts the benefits that it can provide for the entire family, not just the fitness pro. While a disk can be used in a variety of workouts to strengthen up your core, tone muscles, and improve balance and posture, it’s also great to use as an office chair cushion to relieve back pain and shoulder aches from sitting at a desk all day. The Bintiva's hard nubs are easy to grab with toes and keeps you from slipping.  The disk comes in nine different colors, is 13 inches in diameter, and comes with a hand pump. Get Yours Today on Amazon.

Best on a Budget

Black Mountain Products Exercise Balance Stability Disc

Great for Casual Exercise. Are you NOT a gym rat? Just looking into balance disks? This affordable disk is a good choice.

What We Liked

The Black Mountain balance disk is a great option for those looking for an inexpensive choice to help with posture, balance, or ankle strength. The Black Mountain comes in five colors and includes a hand pump and a lifetime warranty. While there are many good choices on the market, we liked the price for this disk so you can grab two or more for your home, office, or even your car.  Check them out on Amazon.