Best Bamboo Utensils

People of Earth, we have a plastic problem. It’s everywhere. Landfills, oceans, city streets. Thankfully, biodegradable alternatives are becoming more trendy and more available. Among them are wooden kitchen utensils and cutlery. Here are five great, eco-friendly alternatives for prepping food and feeding your soul.

Most Innovative, Scandinavian-Inspired Design  

Organic Bamboo Cooking & Serving Utensil Set By Neet – 6 Piece Set 


Sleek Design Matches Modern Home Décor. The sleek, minimalist look of Neet Bamboo Utensils is the perfect complement to your modern kitchen.

What We Liked: 

 Stylish? Yes. Simple? Yes. Scandinavian? Well, not exactly. But these Neet Bamboo Utensil do boast undeniable Scandinavian style. Their design is simple and effective, and the construction features 100 percent natural organic bamboo. Buy it today.

Most Comfortable Grip 

Vremi 5-Piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set with Colorful Silicone Handles


Silicone Rubber Handles Feel Good and Look Great. Why be ordinary? Add color to your kitchen with Vremi Bamboo Utensils, featuring colorful silicone handles.

What We Liked: 

 Wooden utensils are definitely trending. But most of them are ho-hum boring. Not these! Colorful silicone handles give these forks and spoons a pop of personality. Plus, the practical handles make them easier and more comfortable to grip. Buy it today.

Most Stylish Wooden Cutlery  

BAMBOODLERS Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set 


Trendy Look with 100 Percent Biodegradable Design. Set the table for your next picnic, party, or event with the trendy look and guilt-free disposability of BAMBOODLERS Wooden Cutlery.

What We Liked:

 With plastic piling up in our landfills, oceans, and everywhere else, it’s refreshing to find a product that will get you back on Mother Earth’s good side. Load your picnic basket with BAMBOODLERS Disposable Wooden Cutlery, which is entirely biodegradable. This eco-friendly cutlery looks great, is sturdy enough to shovel food into your mouth, and can be slam-dunked into the trash can guilt-free. Buy it here.

Best Bulk Set of Cutlery for Large Parties 

FirstChoice EcoNaturals Disposable Wooden Cutlery – 300 Piece Set 


Great Price for Large Set of Disposable Cutlery. Outfit your next gathering with biodegradable place settings for 100 with this value-priced 300-piece set of forks, knives, and spoons.

What We Liked: 

 Plastic? We’re past it. Especially when we can grab a 300-piece set of wooden utensils for under 20 bucks. Yep, they cost a bit more than plastic. But you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing them in the trash, and that makes it worth it. Buy it today.

Best Value for Bamboo Utensils  

6 Piece Set of Bamboo Utensils with Holder  


Great Price for Wooden Utensils. This six-piece Set of Bamboo Utensils is an easy and affordable way to make kitchen routines more eco-friendly.

What We Liked: 

 Do the Earth a favor — ditch plastic and metal utensils for these smart Bamboo kitchen tools made of 100 percent natural bamboo. They’re heat, stain, and odor resistant. Plus, they’re extremely durable and lightweight, and they won’t harm your non-stick cookware, either. Includes all the essential tools, including two curved spatulas, a slotted spoon, and a solid spoon. To top it off, they all fit in the included bamboo holder that requires very little counter space. Buy it here.

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