Best Blooming Teas

Blooming tea is a drink that’s both delicious and visually beautiful. Made with dried tea leaves and dried flowers bundled together, these blends unfurl when steeped in hot water, resulting in what resembles a blooming flower. It’s beautiful to watch, which is why it’s generally placed in glass teapots. But blooming tea also has many health benefits, such as boosting metabolism, reducing inflammation, and improving overall health. To explore the best blooming teas, check out our list below.

Most Affordable

Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea


Budget-Friendly and Fresh. Blooming tea made by Kiss Me Organics is affordable. It’s also packaged to maintain freshness for the ultimate cup of tea.

What We Liked

We appreciate the price point of this blooming tea, which is the most affordable option on this list. If you want to try a high-quality blooming tea on a budget, this is the best option. Get it here.

Best for First-Timers

Teavivre Handmade Blooming Flower Tea


Easy to Steep. The blooming tea made by Teavivre is an easy-to-use option. This collection consists of 12 individually packaged tea balls.

What We Liked

If you are new to drinking blooming teas, this is the best option. Because the tea balls are individually prepared, it’s simple to get a great cup of tea without having prior experience with the product. Buy it now.

Most Variety

Teabloom Jasmine Flowering Tea


Many Options and Reusable. This flowering tea assortment offers a lot of variety. It comes with six different types of blooming teas for the ultimate experience. Each flower can be refrigerated and reused up to three times, allowing a total of 250 cups of tea from this single set.

What We Liked

If you want a large variety and a ton of tea, then this is the best option for you. It’s a high-quality tea with several flowers that can create an extensive amount of blooming tea experiences. Get it now.

Best Overall

Tealyra – 12 pcs Blooming Flowering Tea


High-Quality Tea. This 12-piece blooming tea set made by Tealyra is a high-quality option that provides smooth tea.

What We Liked

If you want a high-quality blooming tea set, this is your best option. It contains 12 blooming teas, including green, black, and white teas, with 12 different flowers. Buy it here.

Those are the best blooming teas on the market. Pick up one of the options today to watch these gorgeous flowers bloom in a teapot while providing a delicious drink!  

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