Best Castile Soaps

If you’re into household products like baking soda and vinegar that can clean everything from your hair to your laundry, there’s a cleaner you should add to your arsenal: castile soaps. Made with nonfragrant, high-quality, vegetable oil and free from animal fats and synthetic ingredients, these soaps will leave your skin, your hair, or even your laundry feeling clean and refreshed. Throw away harsh body washes or soap bars—these affordable castile soaps will make you feel rejuvenated.

Most Eco-Friendly

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap


Organic Soap for All Uses

Made with organic oils and certified fair-trade ingredients, this soap is good for you and the environment.

What We Liked

As a soap with over 18 prescribed uses that’s three times more concentrated than average liquid soaps, you can dilute the plant-based ingredients in this bottle (which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic) with water to clean your floors, dishes, or laundry. And because the soap is free from preservatives, detergents and foaming agents, it’s safe enough to use on your body, your pets and even babies. Get it here. 

Most Gentle

EWG Verified Castile Soap


Soap for Sensitive Skin

Made without harsh chemicals—including damaging palm oil—this soap won’t harm your skin and can be used for everything from washing vegetables to shampooing your pet.

What We Liked

Manufactured in the U.S., this vegan and non-GMO wash is made with castor oil, a vegetable oil from castor beans that contains essential fatty acids. This restores uneven skin tones and grows healthy skin tissue without being harsh on dry or cracked skin. Buy it now. 

Best for Sensitive Skin

Quinn’s Pure Castile Organic Liquid Soap


Smoothing and Moisturizing

Great for those with allergies or sensitive skin, this liquid soap will deliver a natural and fresh clean to whatever you choose to use it on.

What We Liked

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this soap will repair and rejuvenate your skin. This soap is loaded with argan, hemp, olive and jojoba oils—all of which are rich in vitamin E, a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. Buy it here. 

Most Olive Oil

Unscented Castile Soap Liquid


Vegan Organic Soap

This biodegradable soap is organic-certified and vegan. With a commitment to helping the environment, this soap doesn’t contain palm oil or ingredients that are harmful to the planet.

What We Liked

Made in the U.S. by an eco-conscious company, this soap includes more olive oil than many of its competitors, enhancing its moisturizing effects. Olive oil houses squalene, a light property that penetrates pores and improves skin on a cellular level, naturally balancing your skin’s oil production. Get it now.