Best CLA Supplements

Finding an all-natural, stimulant-free supplement is often harder than it sounds. Everyone’s body is different, so even if your friends find something that works great for them, there’s no guarantee it’ll work as efficiently for you. Sometimes you’re left searching for a product that works, even after others have already found their tried and true options. If this sounds relatable, CLA might be the missing link. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid that may help reduce body fat. Haven’t you heard of it? Maybe it’s time to give it a shot. Here are the five great CLA supplements we’ve found.
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Most Potent

Sports Research CLA 1250 (Vegan)

80% CLA and Non-GMO. Add this all-natural weight loss supplement and give your body an extra boost in the right direction.

What We Liked

Each capsule has a minimum of 80 percent CLA derived from safflower oil. Every bottle contains a 180-day supply, ensuring you have enough to try it out and see results. It is third-party tested, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in a GMP certified facility. It’s also non-stimulating, ensuring you won’t have to deal with any jitters as a side effect. Each bottle comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.  Buy Today on Amazon.

Best Value

BulkSupplements CLA Softgels (1000mg)

Affordable, Natural CLA. Beef up your weight loss with this all-natural supplement that may help you burn fat and increase metabolism.

What We Liked

Derived from safflower oil, this CLA is all-natural and free of sugar, soy, yeast, gluten, and additives. The bag contains a 150-day supply of soft gels, each with 1000 milligrams, for easy swallowing. Each batch is lab tested for verification, quality, and purity. Incorporating this into your health routine may help increase weight loss by supporting healthy metabolism, burning fat, and increasing muscle mass.  Get Yours on Amazon.

Sensitive Choice

MET-Rx CLA Tonalin 1000 Supplement

Add Something New. Try adding this new supplement to your body shaping goals and give your body the extra support it needs.

What We Liked

With a 90-day supply in each bottle, you’ll have enough to discover if CLA is the edge you’re looking for. Consistent use will help you determine whether MET-Rx works for you, and the 90-day window will give you the chance to see the results firsthand. This formulation is made to help you get in great shape without any jittery side effects of stimulants. It is derived from all-natural safflower oil and contains no natural or artificial stimulants of any kind. MET-Rx CLA Tonalin is an ideal choice for people sensitive to the effects of caffeine and other thermogenics. Buy Yours Today.

Best Overall

RSP CLA 1000

Help To Perform.  Give your workouts an extra boost with this potent, all-natural, high-quality CLA supplement.

What We Liked

Each dose has a potent 1000 milligrams of CLA in soft gels that are easy to swallow. Every batch is tested and GMP certified for quality, potency, and purity. This product has been formulated to promote healthy weight loss without the side effects that often accompany stimulants. It’s free of sweeteners, artificial colors, gluten, and fillers. With 180 servings in each bottle, it's also an affordable option. Shop Today.