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Best Cool Rollers

Icing and massaging your skin is known to reduce redness and puffiness, tighten fine line and wrinkles, and can even be an effective remedy for migraines. But rubbing an ice cube or bag of frozen peas on your face can be messy and melty. The solution: ice and metal rollers. Simply place one of the below gadgets—handheld devices filled with water or gel in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then treat yourself to a gentle massage.
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Most Fashionable

Kitsch Ice Roller

Beautiful ice roller for smooth skin.

Kitsch uses high quality surgical stainless steel, which stays cooler longer, to heighten the cooling effects of the roller.

What We Liked

Kitsch is a woman-owned business, and the ergonomic design of this rose-quartz colored roller is sleek and easy to hold. Leave it in the freezer and pull it out whenever you need to soothe skin that’s irritated from sunburn, shaving, hair removal or breakouts. Buy now.

Most Versatile

SPANLA Ice Roller

A necessary inclusion in your home spa cabinet.

Poor blood circulation to your face can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. This 2-in-1 roller increases circulation to naturally lift the face.

What We Liked

This roller comes with two different rollers—a stainless steel one and a water-filled icer. Next time you use a face mask, pick your favorite and massage it over the skin to shrink your pores. Icing your face might not sound relaxing but since stress can cause breakouts, your daily roll treatment could be the reminder you need to unwind. Available here.

Best Massage

DBlosp Ice Roller

Invigorating massage for your face and neck.

The beads in the roller head gently massage targeted areas, improving lymphatic drainage and removing toxins from the body.

What We Liked

Lymphatic drainage—the release of a buildup of a fluid called lymph back into your bloodstream— in the face is an excellent way of reducing puffiness, and when added with the chilled roller, redness and fever can also decrease. Get it now.

Best for Travel

Maange Ice Roller

A compact migraine reliever that’s better than ice packs.

Roll this on the temples, forehead, and above the eyes for quick migraine relief. The cold roller also works well to reduce fatigue and muscle strain.

What We Liked

With the size of 6.5 Inches x 2.6 Inches, this roller is incredibly lightweight and portable. Travelers: Stash it in your bag and pop it into the freezer area of your hotel’s mini fridge to combat post-flight headaches. Buy it here.