Best Cork Yoga Blocks

To get the best out of your regular yoga workout routines, a mat and stretching band may not be enough. That’s where the yoga block comes into play. These cork blocks are ideal when mastering challenging moves or if you need a little lift to complete a technique. The best options are made of cork and have textured surfaces with a comfortable grip. Here are five of the best options available.

Best Overall Block

Manduka Unisex Cork Yoga Block


Improve Your Stretch. Challenge yourself to stretch deeper during every yoga routine with this solid cork block.

What We Liked

Each block is made of sustainable cork. It weighs 2.5 pounds and is durable to hold up under the most strenuous yoga routines. The textured surface and contoured edges provide a stable, comfortable grip for any pose. It is dense enough to provide reliable and secure support during an entire workout.  Get Yours on Amazon.

Perfect Size

Lotuscrafts Yoga Block Cork Supra Grip


Proper Yoga Support. Support your yoga routines with this ideally sized cork block for stretching and challenging yoga poses (9″ x 5″ x 3″).

What We Liked

The size is compact but large enough to be used for nearly any block application in a yoga routine. It has a non-slip and easy-grip surface that is soft and textured for maximum control. This is ideal when in the early stages of mastering new asanas. Each block is sustainably created and is environmentally friendly.  Buy Today.

Best Stretching Set

Heathyoga Yoga Block and Yoga Strap Set


Stretch Deeply Daily. Stretch every part of your body with this set (two blocks and one strap) that optimizes yoga sessions.

What We Liked

This set comes with everything you need to help supplement your yoga session. Two blocks provide maximum stretching capabilities, whether you use them together or alone. The included stretching strap has multiple uses and can help increase your range of motion. This set is an affordable answer to purchasing all three items separately, and the props come in a variety of colors to suit your needs.  Shop Today on Amazon.

Best Beginner Block

Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick


Supplement Yoga Routines. Add something new to your daily yoga routine and challenge yourself with this solid cork yoga brick.

What We Liked

This all-natural cork block is affordable and ideal for someone looking to add a supplemental challenge to their yoga routine. Whether using it for prop-based Iyengar yoga or using it to aid your regular workout, this will help you refine your alignment, posture, and balance. At its affordable price, you can purchase more than one when ready to supplement your yoga time by using two blocks. Pick One Up at Amazon.