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Best Cotton Yoga Straps

Having flexibility and mobility is important for everyone, not to mention yogis that are always looking to improve these qualities through dedicated practice. Adding props and accessories to a stretching routine can be extremely beneficial in improving flexibility. A yoga strap is a wonderful accessory to add a little bit of support or added resistance to movements. Not only can yoga straps be useful for a yoga session, but they can also be a nice tool for carrying your yoga mat around as well. Here are a few of our favorite 100 percent cotton yoga straps on the market.
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Best Color Selection

Lotuscrafts Yoga Strap For Stretching

Easy-to-Use Yoga Strap. Yoga stretching strap with an adjustable length for improving flexibility and posture.

What We Liked

These yoga straps are high-quality and made to last. With a metal buckle for adjusting the length, you can modify the strap to fit whatever movements you’re doing. Plus, with nine different colors to choose from, you can easily match any outfit or yoga mat, too.  Buy Today.

Best for Beginners

Fitter’s Niche Yoga Stretching Strap

Multi-Loop Yoga Strap. A yoga stretching strap with 10 individual loops for multiple poses and uses.

What We Liked

The multiple loops are a really cool addition, allowing for a broad range of poses and functionality. Made with 100 percent pure premium quality cotton, these straps are soft and easy to clean. Buy on Amazon.

Best Mat Carrying Strap

Heathyoga Yoga Mat Strap

Yoga Mat Carrying Strap. A beautiful and convenient carrying strap for your yoga mat, plus a pouch to stash phone and keys.

What We Liked

This strap provides a super-easy way to carry your yoga mat. Whether you are walking from your car into the studio or biking to yoga class on the beach, this carrying strap will make life easier. Not only is this strap designed for carrying your mat, but it can also be used for deepening stretches during class. Pick One Up Today.

Multiple Loops

5Billion Yoga Stretching Strap

Yoga Exercise Band. A yoga stretching strap with multiple grip loops for enhancing workouts and improving stretches.

What We Liked

Unlike the yoga straps with buckles for adjusting the length, this strap has individual loop handles, so there’s no need to do any extra adjustments. There are 10 different loops, so you’ll be able to see tangible progress in your stretching capabilities over time. These straps are built to last for years of everyday use. Buy Now.

Best Strap with Carrying Case

Open Road Goods Yoga Stretching Strap

High-Quality Yoga Strap. Perfect length and width yoga strap for yogis looking to add a multi-purpose tool to their yoga kit.

What We Liked

This strap is a great addition to yoga and/or workout routine. Made from 100 percent cotton, the entire strap is soft on the skin and easy to grip. Plus, this yoga strap comes with a carrying case to make it even easier to bring to your next class.  Available at Amazon.