The Best Dance Shoes

Whether you’re taking a dance class or just out to have fun with friends, you want to make sure you have the right shoes for the task. Dance shoes are designed to have the right amount of traction to help you move smoothly. But remember: comfort is key. You should pick shoes you can dance in all night. This list of our favorite dance shoes on the market is full of picks that are practical and stylish. Whether you’re looking for shoes to wear ballroom dancing or to wear to your zumba class, this list has something for you.

Best Character Shoe


Stelle Character Dance Shoes

Character shoes were originally designed to be used by Broadway stars. These shoes are compact and won’t get in your way. Stelle’s Mary Jane style character shoes have thick padding and soft lining, so you’ll be comfortable in them no matter how long you’re on your feet. They even have a small 2-inch heel. Note: Available in black and tan. Get them now!

Best for Dance Workouts


The Dancesocks

Dancesocks are designed to give you that extra glide during your zumba class. The sock goes around your shoe to lower traction and allow you to move easier. Because you’re not stopping so suddenly, you’ll have less strain on your ankles and knees. Dancesocks come in packs of 4 pairs, and there’s plenty of colorful options. Buy them here!

Most Color Options

TTdancewear Rinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes


This style of shoe is designed for Latin, salsa, and ballroom dancing. With a short 2.5 to 3 inch heel, they’ll give you enough lift without making it difficult to balance. Our favorite thing about these shoes is the number of color options; there are so many! With 14 different colors to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect complement to any outfit. Pick them up here!

Most Breathable


CLEECLI Ballroom Dance Shoe

These ballroom shoes will also work for Latin or salsa dancing. We loved them because they are designed to be breathable, with mesh straps and a sweat-absorbent insole. They also have an elastic midsole made of latex. But they don’t sacrifice fashion for function; these shoes are made of high quality, soft satin and are available in black or nude, with 2.5 to 3-inch heels. Buy now!

Best Latin Dance Shoes


DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes

These shoes, designed specifically for Latin dancing, will also work for tango or ballroom dancing. Made in the Oxford style, they are super cute and totally adjustable. They have a modest 2-inch heel and a leather sole. Note: These shoes run small, so buy a half-size up from your normal size. Ding: Because they’re made of cloth and leather, these shoes may not breathe well, but they’re fashionable. Purchase them here!

Best Jazz Shoes

Capezio Women’s Jazz Shoe


These were our favorite jazz shoes because they are padded and flexible. These shoes improved on the classic jazz Oxford design by adding Achilles support and padding the insole with foam. The split sole allows for flexible movement. These shoes are even available through Prime Wardrobe, which allows free returns so you can be sure they fit you well. Note: Available in black or nude. Get here!

Most Flexible 


Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe

We loved how flexible these jazz shoes are. They have a split sole and the leather gives easily, so your foot won’t be constrained at all in these shoes. Don’t worry about support, though; these shoes are still designed with arch support. Made of soft leather and cotton lining, you’ll forget you’re even wearing shoes. Buy them here!

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