Best Deodorants for Men

Whether you’re working on hitting a new 5K PR, or vying for a promotion at work, sweat and odor just aren’t options. Is your antiperspirant working as hard as you do? If you're still buying the same brand that your mom bought for you when puberty first struck, it's time to upgrade. We’ve rounded up the best deodorants for men, with odor-fighting formulas and antiperspirant properties. Shop these brands and find the deodorant that’ll keep you smelling fresh as you tackle obstacles at the gym and in life.

Best Odor Fighting

Old Spice High Endurance Long Lasting Deodorant (Pack of 3)

High Endurance and Fresh Scent

This three pack of 3-ounce Fresh Scent deodorant contains odor-fighting ingredients and 24-hour protection.

What We Liked

We’re fans of Old Spice’s classic scents, which tackle body odor and keep pits smelling fresh all day. The endurance formula works lasts and lasts, from work to the gym and beyond. Get it here.  

Longest Lasting Protection

Degree Men Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick 6 Count

Stay Clean and Fresh for 48 Hours

A six-pack of 2.7-ounce Cool Rush-scented deodorant that’s formulated for outdoor activity and sports.

What We Liked

Degree uses a stain-free formula–because the only thing worse than body odor is those deodorant stains on the bottom of your shirt. It also activates with body heat, so it kicks in when you need it. Buy it now. 

Best Value

Speed Stick Deodorant for Men Regular 4 Count

Use Daily on All Skin Types 

A four pack of 3-ounce Regular scented deodorant with 24-hour protection.

What We Liked

We love getting the protection we need without breaking the bank. Speed Stick uses an odor-fighting formula to keep you feeling fresh all day. Buy it here. 

Best Irritation Protection

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick Extra Fresh 4 Count

Moisturizer Technology and Sweat Protection 

This four pack of 2.7-ounce Extra Fresh scented non-irritant antiperspirant deodorant offers 48-hour protection.

What We Liked

The skin in your armpits is sensitive skin and can get irritated by harsh chemicals and scents. Dove protects sensitive skin, while staying tough on sweat and odor. Get it now.