Best DNA Test Kits

Whole body health starts with being informed about your genetic makeup. DNA can tell you, besides ethnicity and ancestry, about genetic predisposition to illness and if you carry monogenic disorders that children may inherit. DNA testing has never been simpler; you purchase a kit, register it online, perform a home cheek swab, send it in and wait for results. By knowing your vulnerabilities early, you can change your wellness routine for preventative health. Plus, you can connect with relatives that you may not even know you have. DNA test kits all provide different services like paternal testing, ancestry and heritage, and full wellness reports. Browse our best picks for DNA test kits and find the service that provides the best report for you.
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Best Overall 

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test 

Health, Ancestry, and Wellness. Use the app to browse reports on ancestry, health predispositions, wellness and carrier status for genetic variants connected to potential health conditions, essential before starting a family.

What We Liked: 

You can opt-in or not for the DNA Relatives tool, which will begin your DNA family tree and introduce you to people who share your DNA. Buy it here.

Most Popular Test Kit

Ancestry DNA: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test

Easy Mobile Interface. Get results in 6 to 8 weeks that tell you your ethnicity and an in-depth historical analysis of your ancestry.

What We Liked: 

The compare features tells you how similar you are to the people who share your DNA, looking at traits such as appearance, sensory, and nutrition. You can also learn genetic traits like cilantro aversion, male hair loss, and whether you will need you wisdom teeth extracted. Buy it today.

Best Paternity Test 

DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit 

One Kit for Father and Child. Take painless cheek swabs and send in DNA samples to an accredited lab, get results in as little as two days by registering online.

What We Liked: 

We liked that the cost of the test keys includes the lab fees for both DNA samples from both father and child, which makes this an affordable and convenient option when determining paternity. Buy it today.

Fastest Results 

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit 

Huge Global Database. Get physician reviewed results in 3-4 weeks, which give an extensive ethnicity estimate using 42 worldwide regions.

What We Liked: 

It’s easy to integrate your results from the test kit into online family trees. They offer both paid and free subscriptions and a database of 9 billion historical records. Plus DNA matches that tell how closely you’re related to those who share DNA with you. Buy it here.

Most Reports 

TellmeGen DNA Test Kit 

Free Updates for Life. Learn ancestry, risk of illness, inherited illnesses, and individual genetic traits in four separate lifetime reports.

What We Liked: 

You have access to online genetic, medical, and nutritional forums with experts to answer questions and explain results. Your report continues to update for free with technological advancements and new genetic discoveries. Get it here.