Best Exercise Games

Instead of making exercise feel like a chore, make fitness something you look forward to. How? With the help of fitness games, it’s easy to have fun while working out. There are many games out there in a variety of formats that will help you get on your feet and start moving. Check out our top picks for the most effective and enjoyable fitness games around.

Most Exciting

Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercise Cards


Not Your Regular Card Game

This card game is perfect for a fun and active game night.

What We Liked

Play with friends for fun, strengthening workouts that put an exciting spin on the typical card game. You’ll get started with the fun in no time, as this game requires no equipment or planning. Get it here. 

Best for All Ages



Family Fun

This board game is anything but boring.

What We Liked

Get fit with the entire family. This exercise game is giving us Twister vibes with its large vinyl mat. Whether playing with a small or large group of family and friends, everyone can join in—Fitivities can be enjoyed by two to 24 players. Buy it now. 

Most Effective

Fitness Boxing – Nintendo Switch


Virtual Workout Fun

Who says video games make you lazy? This Nintendo Switch game is a real workout.

What We Liked

This is an innovative way to work out while having a good time. It’s a boxing-themed game that incorporates popular song beats to keep you feeling pumped. And it’s more than just a game; it also allows you to record your personal fitness goals for an exciting fitness training experience. Buy it here. 

Best Variety of Exercise

Juliet Page Exercise Dice for Workouts


Roll the Dice

These exercise dice give you tons of cool ways to get up and move.

What We Liked

Simple to use but extremely effective, this set includes four different dice with varying levels of difficulty, as well as one for yoga. You won’t have to worry about making a mess either, because all you need to do is roll the dice, see what exercise you get, and enjoy your workout. It’s also a perfect workout tool for both kids and adults. Get it now. 

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