Best Foot and Ankle Ice Wraps

Pain and swelling from foot and ankle injuries, surgeries and other health conditions can range from annoying to downright debilitating. Foot and Ankle Ice Packs provide an easy way to administer effective, do-it-yourself therapy for common foot and ankle problems, including plantar fasciitis. Most can be used as hot or cold packs, and most are quite affordable. So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? We dove feet-first into the world of wraps to come up with our top 4 picks for giving your feet some TLC. Take a look, take your pick and start getting some much-needed relief from what ails you.

Coldest Therapy 

The Coldest Water Foot/Ankle Ice Wrap


Seriously cold for long-lasting relief. The Coldest Water Foot/Ankle Wrap lives up to its name by delivering super-cold therapy that exceeds that of similar wraps.

What We Liked

What’s in a name? Everything when it comes to this foot/ankle wrap. Customer reviews sing its praises as the coldest reusable wrap they’ve ever used. Ice packs stay flexible when cold and the brace does a good job of holding them in place. Best fit seems to be enjoyed by those with small to medium-sized feet/calves. Order Online.

Best Value 

Arris Gel Foot/Ankle Ice Wrap


Great price for effective cold therapy. The Arris Gel Ankle Ice Wrap provides effective hot or cold relief at a price that beats the competition.

What We Liked

The thing we love most about this wrap, besides the price, are the hot/cold packs. They’re bigger and uniquely shaped to cover more of the foot for more complete therapy. The wrap is durable and stays in place well. Plus, this product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Not bad for a value-priced product. Purchase Yours Today.

Editor’s Choice 

 Vive Ankle Ice Pack Wrap


Premium quality, coverage and adjustability. The Vive Foot and Ankle Ice Pack Wrap provides a snug, secure fit with excellent coverage and adjustability for more complete therapy. 

What We Liked

In terms of construction, fit, and adjustability, the Vive Ankle Wrap is second to none. The neoprene is thicker than similar wraps and offers a more secure, compressed fit. Thicker neoprene means this wrap doesn’t get as cold as others, but most people will find the the level of cold perfect to their liking. Hook-and-loop panels are larger than most, and provide a secure fit that stays put, even when mobile. A bonus? This wrap has a more calming, attractive look than others. Get It Here.

Top Rated 

TheraPAQ Foot/Ankle Ice Pack Wrap


More than 600, five-star customer reviews. The TheraPAQ Foot and Ankle Wrap is top-rated by customers for its fit, feel and effectiveness. 

What We Liked

The first thing we do when shopping online is read the reviews. What are people who are using the product saying? In the case of the TheraPAQ Foot/Ankle Wrap, more than 600 Amazon customers have said “We love it!” with 5-star reviews. And it’s easy to see why. This wrap fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose, the ice packs get very cold and are easy to slip in and out, and the price is very reasonable. What’s not to love? Buy Now.

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