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Best Freestanding Barre Bars

In any sport, the ability to practice at home gives you a huge advantage over those who cannot. Dancing and ballet are no different—stretching and practicing outside the studio is a must. In this roundup, we picked a few of our favorite free-standing ballet barres for home use. With the ability to set up and use in any room in the house, or even the backyard you will no longer be limited to practice by class times.

Best for Multiple Persons

Vita Vibe Ballet Bar

Stretching and Dance Barre

The lightweight aluminum design makes this barre easy to assemble and transport. 

What We Liked

Each bar is adjustable, and can be moved from 6 inches off the floor up to 46 inches. So, whether you are a beginner with little flexibility, or a pro with great movement ability, this ballet barre will work well for you. There are two different length sizes to choose from at 4-feet or 8-feet. The longer one is ideal for multiple persons stretching at the same time. The anti-microbial powder coated finish helps reduce exposure to germs and allows for a firm grip. Get it here. 

Easiest for Transporting

Fly Bold Ballet Barre

Portable and Lightweight

High friction anti slip pads are designed specifically for slip resistance on the floor.

What We Liked

Powder coated steel bars allow for an easy grip during all movements. Conveniently adjustable for any height up to 48 inches off the ground. Whether you are sitting on the ground and need just a little height for your stretch, or need to stand tall this barre will work wonderfully. Easily disassembled with no tools necessary, so you can transport and practice anywhere. Buy it now. 

Best for Beginners

PreGymnastic Ballet Barre

Anti-slip piping

Adjustable double barre, adjustable from 3-46 inches off the floor. 

What We Liked

The weight of the steel barre is great for added stability during stretching and movements. The grip is anti-slip, allowing for a safer time for beginners and pro’s alike. The soft bar pad addition freely moves, and reduces discomfort for kids and beginners in new stretching positions. Convenient to pack up and store in included carrying bag. Multiple colors to choose from. Buy it here. 

Best Anti-slip Footing

GoFlame Ballet Barre

Sturdy construction

Constructed with durable, high quality rust proof metal. Excellent stability and sturdiness. 

What We Liked

The anti-slip, eco-friendly lacquer adds a comfortable grip for everyday use. The bottom rod height is adjustable from 3 feet up to 46 feet. The rubber feet grip the floor and prevent slipping, while also protecting the floors in your house so you don’t have to worry about the kids scratching that new floor or carpet. Lightweight enough to conveniently carry to friends houses or even the park. Get it now.