Best Gel Packs and Wraps for Shin Splints and Injury Recovery

If you stay active high-impact, repetitive activities like yoga, hiking, running, or walking, chances are you’ve been plagued by shin splints, which happen when you overload your leg muscles and tendons. Find some much-needed relief with these cold and hot wraps, that soothe and compress your muscles and joints. Heat from the hot pack can increase blood flow and reduce joint stiffness, while cold packs can provide cold therapy relief to recent injuries. Chill the pack in the refrigerator or freezer or warm the pack in a microwave or hot water before applying it to the injured spot. Both heating and cooling tools should be applied for 20 minutes at a time, three times per day.
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Most wearable

Shin Splint Ice Pack 2 Pack

A versatile hot and cold pack to treat leg injuries

Made from soft gel, these wraps are high effective and useful throughout all of the stages of an injury.

What We Liked

Simply attach these wraps to your shins and calves with the Velcro strap and experience all of the benefits of the hot/cold treatment without sacrificing your mobility. The soft gel is designed keep the pack cold or hot for an extended period of time, to provide longer relief than other materials. But it now.

Most versatile

WORLD-BIO Knee Ice Gel Pack Wrap

Hot or cold gel wrap

Large wrap that can be used as a hot or cold compression wrap to treat neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, and waist injuries

What We Liked

Reusable and flexible, the wrap offers therapeutic treatment for all different bodily injuries anywhere on the body. Use it to treat everything from bruises to sprains, but is most effective for meniscus tears, stiff joints, and arthritis pain. Generally, icing is best for bruises, sprains, and recent injuries, while heating is preferred for chronic pains like stiff joints and arthritis. Get it here.

Best treatment variety

Shin Splints Recovery Kit

A treatment kit containing a massage roller ball, a compression wrap, and a gel pack

Have all of the tools necessary to treat your body’s aches and pains with this one-stop-shop kit.

What We Liked

This kit ensures that you will be able to treat a variety of different injuries, from swelling to inflammation to shin splits. For those who struggle with shin splints, this kit combines cryotherapy, massage, and compression s to provide a deep tissue massage and myofascial relief for your injured leg. Available now.

Best ergonomic design

Flexible Hot and Cold Reusable Therapy Ice Pack Wrap

Reusable heat and cold pack for accessible physical therapy

Built to last for years, this wrap will form fit around your injured area in order to provide the most effective treatment.

What We Liked

Equipped with straps and an ergonomic design, this wrap will mold and fit anywhere on your body. Obtain relief in difficult to treat areas such as your back, hip, elbow, and thigh. Flexible and durable, this wrap is a worthwhile investment that can be used again and again.  Buy now.