Best Hair Removal Waxing Kits

Eager to remove unwanted hair by waxing? Don’t want to visit a salon? At-home waxing may be just the ticket. By removing hair at the root, at-home waxing offers a convenient and affordable way to get longer-lasting results than shaving. But it’s important to do it properly and carefully, following the directions closely. There are a lot of options for hair removal wax out there, so we’ve pulled together some of our favorite products to help you narrow it down. When choosing, consider price, ease of use, and whether you want to use soft wax, hard wax, or pre-made strips.

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Best Hard Wax

KoluaWax Hard Wax Beans


Large Supply. Coming in a large one-pound bag, these hard wax beads are designed to last you through many waxes and can be used without cloth strips, making them a great option for those in search of a large supply of hard hair removal wax.

What We Liked: 

To use these beads, start by melting them in a wax warmer, then apply the wax to skin, let it harden for about 30 seconds, and then remove it quickly. These beads also come with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can feel more comfortable trying out hard wax to see if it works for you. Buy Now. 

Most Affordable

Sally Hansen All-over Body Waxing Kit


Budget-Friendly Body Wax. Offering a microwaveable wax kit, this extra-strength waxing kit from Sally Hansen stands out as the most affordable option on our list.

What We Liked: 

This all-over body waxing kit comes with wax, finishing oil, cloth strips, and wood spatulas—all for a budget-friendly price. Just be sure to use this wax carefully and to follow the instructions closely for good, safe results. Available At Amazon.

Easiest to Use

 Avashine Wax Strips


Fast and Simple Strips. Coming in a pack of 32 strips, these Avashine wax strips stand out as the easiest-to-use option on our list. Just apply them to your skin in the direction of the hair growth and remove immediately in the opposite direction, no wait time needed.

What We Liked: 

For a fast and simple waxing system, it’s hard to beat these wax strips from Avashine. They don’t require a microwave or a warmer, and they can be cut to fit your desired area. Perfect for travel, vacation, and even normal at-home use. Purchase Today.