Best Hair Ties

Whether you’re trying to keep your hair out of your face while working out or looking for a clean solution to create a formal updo, hair ties can work wonders. Hair ties serve to keep hair out of your face and securely in place. Material, flexibility, strength, shape, and color are all features to evaluate when choosing a hair tie. We’ve reviewed five hair ties on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.

Best Quality

Goody Ouchless Women’s Hair Braided Elastic Thick Tie 


Durable Braided Hair Elastics. Strong braided hair elastics designed to hold their shape any time of day

What We Liked: 

The Goody Ouchless Women’s Hair Braided Elastic Thick Tie comes in a generous 27-piece multi-pack. We liked that these elastic ties held strong and stayed in place. They were perfect for naturally curly hair, keeping locks off the face while being active. We found them easy to use and remove without any hair pulls. Get it here.

Great for Wet Hair 

 invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties with Strong Grip 


Universal Spiral Hair Ties. Spiral hair ties designed to be used with both dry and wet hair without tangling

What We Liked: 

The invisibobble Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties with Strong Grip come in a unique spiral shape. We liked the smooth surface of the hair ties. They worked great with wet hair. The spiral hair ties held hair in place without any bumps or kinks. Get it here.

Best Shape

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties 


 Spiral Hair Ties. Spiral hair ties that hold hair and maintain shape time and time again

What We Liked: 

The Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties come in a pack of eight, with four different shades. We liked the feel and shape of these ties when we used them in a ponytail. They worked with both our active and formal hairstyles. We appreciated the cool rebound of the material when placed in water after it had been overstretched. Get it here.

Best Price

Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Pastel Elastics


Hair Elastics at Great Price. Multi-pack of 30 pastel, no-damage hair elastics designed to tie hair back without causing any damage

What We Liked: 

The Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Pastel Elastics come in a 30-count of five great pastel colors. We liked that the hair elastics were strong enough to hold hair up throughout workouts without any issues. The multi-pack was great for us to store several hair elastics in the bathroom, purse, and car. Get it here.

 Most Durable 

AwEx Strong Black Hair Ties


Strong Hair Ties. Elastic black hair ties that securely hold hair in place, sold with a bonus hook

What We Liked: 

The AwEx Strong Black Hair Ties are made with a high elastic rubber core. We liked the no-nonsense functionality of these hair ties, finding them very easy to use. They provided great, strong hold and kept hair out of the eyes. The extra carabiner hook provided served as a great hair tie holder, too. Get it here.

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