Best Half Round Foam Rollers

Whether you’re looking to improve balance, elevate strength exercises, or massage sore muscles, half round foam rollers offer a great solution. Designed to provide comfort and stability through exercises and stretching, half foam rollers can be used with either the flat or round side down, depending on the need. Comfort, material, size, and durability are all important features to evaluate when selecting a foam roller. We’ve reviewed three great half round foam rollers on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.

Best for Exercise

ProSourceFit High Density Half Round Foam Roller


Half Round Foam Roller with Grips. Half round foam roller with a textured pattern designed for a non-slip grip when used during exercises and stretching. 

What We Liked

The ProsourceFit High Density Half Round Foam Roller is available in three different lengths. We liked the non-slip grip on the foam material that was great to use during push-ups and core exercises. The foam roller provided great support and maintained its shape after consistent use. We found the roller comfortable, durable, and helpful.

Best Value

CanDo PE Blue Foam Roller


Simple Blue Foam Roller. Blue foam roller designed to relieve back pain or other parts of your body.

What We Liked

The CanDo PE Blue Foam Roller is six inches by 12 inches. We liked the simplicity of this foam roller. It was easy to use on the back and legs. We felt that it alleviated tight muscles after exercising, and it was also a great addition to yoga stretching. In addition, the compact size made it easy to store away when not in use.

Most Versatile

Bean Products Bumps High Density EVA Foam Rollers


Versatile Foam Roller. Half round foam roller offered in six different sizes to accommodate a variety of body types and exercises.

What We Liked

The Bean Products High Density Foam Roller is offered in six different lengths. We liked the high-density EVA foam on this roller. It was comfortable and easy to cut down to a specific size when needed. In addition, we found the material dimension provided great stimulation during massages and also delivered great balance when stretching. 

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