Best Headbands for Girls

Unlike the perennially fashionable scrunchie, headbands never go out of style. Sometimes a messy bun for doing chores needs a little help. Wrap-around headbands take you from unwashed and messy to carefree and stylish. During a yoga flow, a ponytail can pinch and disrupt meditation, but with a headband, you can relax while keeping hair out of your face during downward dog and inversions. At any age, a soft bow headband is a girl’s secret weapon for turning a bad hair day into a cute up-do. Or, for babies who have yet to grow in hair, wrap around headbands protect soft skin and zhoosh up a simple day spent in a onesie. Check out our top headbands for babies, girls, and even some women.

Best for Babies On-the-Go 

Toptim Headbands Turban Knotted 


Soft and Colorful. Busy parents prone to losing loose socks and accessories will appreciate this 15-pack of soft nylon bow headbands. They’re sized for babies and toddlers.

What We Liked: 

Over a dozen different colors means it’s easy to match a headband to any outfit. We appreciated that the set was affordable. The great price makes it so you won’t mind if one gets left behind at daycare or play group. Get them here.

Best Baby Shower Gift

Mookiraer Baby Girl Nylon Headbands 


Stylish and Comfortable. Four sophisticated colors that anyone will appreciate make this set perfect for baby showers and first birthdays. The soft and light nylon won’t leave a mark on delicate baby skin.

What We Liked: 

This is a charming bow suitable for any occasion. The stretchy material accommodates fast growing babies as well. So, unlike other gifts that babies will outgrow in a few months, these headbands are a long-lasting gift. Get it here.

Best for Women

Habibee Women Headbands Turban Headwraps 


Casual and Sporty. These stretchy cotton headbands feature cute rabbit ear bows so they look fashionable while absorbing sweat during intense workouts. They’re great at keeping hair out of your face in the downward dog or during spin class.

What We Liked: 

These headbands are effective during workouts for sweat absorption and keeping hair from your face and eyes. Our testers also noted they were stylish enough for day-to-day wear. The headbands were super comfortable, too. No pulling or tangling as hair went up or back, and came down again after workouts and chores. Get it here.

Best for Girls

Candygirl Girls’ DIY Satin Covered Headbands 


Fun, DIY Style. Soft nylon protects hair by covering these plastic headbands. These bands are ideal for young crafters who like to add their own flair with fabric and bows. They come in a 26-pack, great for party favors, Halloween, and kids inclined to lose accessories at school.

What We Liked: 

These headbands are comfortable for everyday wear and come in a large enough pack to use a few for dress-up costumes and craft time. Girls love them, as they can customize their headbands to reflect their personalities. We thought this pack would make a great birthday or holiday gift to a young, creative spirit. Get it now.

Best for Newborns

Makone Handmade Stretchy Nylon Headband 


Soft and Stretchy. This 8-pack of soft nylon headbands with bows are ideal for protecting new baby’s soft skin and covering patchy new hair. They stretch to 8 inches for small heads, and they’re light and breathable.

What We Liked: 

These are so stylish and go with just about any outfit. The diverse colors are great for any season, and the soft fabric feels so cozy and comfortable. We found that these headbands were very gentle and did not irritate sensitive skin. Ideal for infants and even kept them warm. Buy them now.

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