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The Best Heating Pads

Heating pads are the best way to quickly relieve aches and pains, whether you strained your shoulder during yoga or your ankle after a run. Most pads are made of soft microfiber fabric and plug into an outlet to quickly warm and soothe your muscles. To make sure you buy the right pad, we’ve put together a guide to our favorite heating pads on the market.
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Best All-Around

Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Heating Pad


This heating pad has every feature we are looking for. It has moist and dry heat options and 6 different heat settings (the highest is 140 degrees). No need to wait for relief with this pad; it warms up in seconds. The pad is made of machine-washable microplush fabric and comes with a free storage bag. It’s safe to sleep in because it comes with an auto shut-off feature after 2 hours and an extra-long 9-foot cord. It even has a 5-year warranty. Get it here!

Biggest Pad

Pure Enrichment PureRelief XXL Heating Pad


The PureRelief XXL Heating Pad has all of the features we loved on the XL pad (above). But the draw to this pick is clear: its size. At 20x24”, this is the biggest heating pad on our list. That extra size is essential if you are using your heating pad on your back, where strains are often much larger. Get it here!

Softest Fabric

Sunbeam XL Heating Pad


The best part about this heating pad is its fabric. The thick microplush fabric feels just like a blanket. At 12x24”, this pick is a good size to soothe aches anywhere on your body with its four different heat settings. The pad also has some essential features: a 9-foot cord, a 5-year warranty, and a 2 hour shutoff feature. Buy now!

Made to Last

Mighty Bliss Heating Pad


This bright and cheerful pad is the sturdiest on our list. Mighty Bliss has a reputation for making this pad to last years of use and backs that up with a lifetime replacement policy. Plus, it’s microfiber fabric is plush and machine washable for your convenience. The pad even has moist and dry heat options, and it will warm to any temperature quickly. Buy now!

Budget Buy

Vive Moist Heating Pad


This pad from Vive may be the cheapest on our list, but make no mistake: it still packs a punch. Our favorite feature on this pick is its moisture sheet, which helps with deeper muscle relief. Depending on your preference, you can choose this pad in one of two sizes: 12x15” or 12x24”. Both sizes come with a 2-year guarantee and a storage bag. Ding: Only has four temperature settings and the light gray color may stain easily. Get it today!

Best for Sleeping

DONECO King Size XpressHeat Heating Pad


This pad is great to use at night. It has a 9-foot long cord, so you can rest assured it will easily reach your bed. And no need to fret about safety; this pad will automatically turn off after 2 hours of use to prevent overheating. This heating pad is fairly large at “12x24” and is the second largest on our list. Best of all, the microplush fabric is machine washable. Get it now!