Best Heel Cup Inserts for Foot Pain Relief

For those of us on our feet for much of the day, foot and heel pain can be a common and disruptive issue to deal with. Adding a high-quality heel cup insert is a great way to get instant relief from sore, achy, and painful heel pain. We recommend gel inserts, as they are high-quality heel cups that provide quick and noticeable results. Size and material are two things to consider when selecting a heel cup product. Check out these top four heel cup inserts, all of which feature a gel design to provide fast relief from foot pain.
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Best for Kids

KidSole Kids Gel Heel Cup

Heel Cup For Kids. Gel heel cup designed for kids with heel sensitivity. Perfect for active kids. Fits in cleats and athletic shoes.

What We Liked

The traction layer underneath the gel cup allows it to stay firmly underneath the heel, so it doesn’t slide around during movement and play. This heel cup helps maintain proper arch support, alleviating heel pain, and providing superior comfort while wearing shoes and cleats. Pick Up a Pair at Amazon.

Best Shock Absorption

Tuli’s Gel Heel Cup

Shock Absorbing Heel Cup. Perfect for achy, tired, and sore feet, these heel cups both prevent and treat heel pain.

What We Liked

Made in the USA, the gel used is formulated to be lighter, softer, and more resilient than other gels on the market. This means even greater comfort and shock absorbing abilities. Buy Now!

Best Fit

ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cup

Heel Pain Relief. Shock-absorbing heel cups that provide instant foot pain relief from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and other heel pain causes.

What We Liked

These heel cups elevate the heel to minimize fatigue throughout the foot, back, and legs. Made with latex-free gel, these heel cups are designed to be worn in athletic shoes, dress shoes, and even boots. Shop Now.

Best Anti-Slip Inserts

Armstrong Amerika Gel Heel Cup

High-Quality Inserts. Orthopedic shoe inserts designed to be worn with any shoe for all-day wear. Reduces impact on the heel, joints, and muscles.

What We Liked

Lightweight and super comfortable, this insert features gel made from premium silicone. The insert fits in both the right and left shoe, and it’s perfect for providing pain relief and heel support during athletics, work, or everyday activities. Buy Today.