Best Herbal Vitamins

Herbal supplements aim to offer a convenient and natural way to keep us healthy. They bring the benefits of different herbs in an easy-to-consume form. These supplements contain one herb or a large combination, and they often include added vitamins with the intent of improving sleep, boosting immunity, reducing stress, and more. If you’re looking to incorporate a new herbal supplement into your life, we’ve pulled together a few options to get you started. These supplements aim to offer different benefits, come in various forms, and include a range of ingredients. To choose the right one for you, think about what you hope to gain from the supplement and what form you prefer to take—tablets, capsules, or gummies. As always, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor first. Check out our preferred herbal supplements below.

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 Best Immune Support Capsules

Source Naturals Wellness Formula Capsules


Blend of Herbs. Coming in a bottle with 240 capsules, this supplement from Source Naturals aims to boost immunity through a blend of herbs, vitamins, and nutraceuticals.

What We Liked: 

If you’re looking for an herbal supplement that aims to bring immune support in a capsule form, this is a good option. You’ll discover ingredients including vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, garlic bulb, echinacea, elderberry, and many more. To reap the possible benefits of this supplement, Source Naturals recommends a serving size of six capsules. So, you’ll get over a month’s supply if you take the max dosage. Get it now.

Best Immune Support Tablets

Source Naturals Wellness Formula Tablets


Three Tablets Per Serving. This supplement from Source Naturals uses a similar blend as the capsule version with the aim of boosting immunity. It comes in a tablet form with a suggested serving size of three large tablets.

What We Liked: 

These tablets aim to support your immune system with ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and echinacea. For the best results, Source Naturals suggests taking the tablets at the very first sign of an issue. This might help you. Buy it here.

Best Immune Support Gummies

Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies


Elderberry Extract. Coming in a bottle of 60 gummies, this option from Nature’s Way aims to bring immune support with a yummy gummy made from black elderberry extract.

What We Liked: 

If you want to try out an herbal remedy designed to boost immunity but in a yummier, easier-to-take form than a large tablet or capsule, these gummies from Nature’s Way are a great option. The suggested serving size for these gummies is two gummies, with 50mg of black elder extract per serving. We enjoyed the flavor and the boost. Get it now.

Best Stress Relief Capsules

WellPath Zen Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement 


Calming Herbal Mix. These veggie capsules from WellPath might be able to reduce stress and anxiety through a mix of herbs, adaptogens, and vitamins, with ingredients like Ashwagandha, passion flower, riboflavin, and magnesium.

What We Liked: 

If you’re looking for an herbal supplement that aims to help you manage stress and maintain a sense of calm, these vegetarian capsules from WellPath are worth checking out. You may even note that they relax you and improve sleep, energizing you for the following day. Buy it here.

Best Multivitamin

Dr Tobias Adult Multivitamin 


42 Fruits and Veggies. Featuring a mix of 42 fruits and vegetables, plant-based enzymes, and probiotics, these multivitamins from Dr. Tobias aim to bring multi-system support through taking three tablets daily.

What We Liked: 

Take them with meals and trust these multivitamins to bring a range of benefits in the form of convenient tablets. You might notice decreased stress. The tablets also aid in supporting heart health, smooth digestion, and immunity. A best all-around go-to! Buy it here.