Best Hooded Ponchos

Ponchos have been around for centuries, as both the original form of rain protection and cold-weather insulation. Go to any street market in Central or South America and you'll find traditional woven ponchos for sale. These days, tourist destinations, ballparks, and any number of places where large groups of people assemble with rain as a possibility, lightweight rain ponchos come out for sale to protect the masses. The practical design makes for easy wearing atop endless layering of regular clothing and allows for convenient slipping on and off. Ponchos have since evolved, and many hooded varieties have become staples in closets around the world to be layered and worn for both warmth and weather protection. We've sorted through some of the best hooded poncho options we could find to help you decide on which might be right for you.

Best Rain Poncho

SaphiRose Rain Poncho Jacket


Lightweight, Compact & Waterproof

Made from the same type of polyester fabric commonly found on umbrellas, this lightweight, hooded rain poncho offers head-to-toe protection from inclement, wet weather in a variety of classic, bold colors and fashionable pattern options.

What We Liked

With dozens of colors and pattern options to choose from, this eco-friendly, full-length rain poncho from SaphiRose keeps you warm and dry during a downpour and ensures you look fashionable in the process. It’s made of 100 percent Pongee polyester—the same type of material used in umbrellas—that’s fully water-resistant, lightweight, and quick-drying. It comes with a matching pouch that allows you to easily stuff and stow the poncho away when not in use for compact carrying in a handbag, backpack, or suitcase. The poncho also features a waterproof zippered pocket for keeping your cell phone, wallet, and valuables dry, a full-length waterproof front zipper, and a drawstring for tightening the hood. Get it here. 

Most Stylish

Ferand Ladies’ Hooded Cape


Soft, Cozy & Elegant

Great for transitional season warmth and layering, this chic poncho is made of 100% acrylic yarn and features a fringed hem to create a cozy, oversized, and relaxed-fit feeling with a touch of sophistication.

What We Liked

If you’re looking for some extra warmth and a touch of style on days when the temperature starts to dip, this elegant design from Ferand covers the bases. Acrylic yarn provides the perfect level of warmth and coziness without becoming overly hot.  Character and style is perfected with a flowing shape and crocheted, fringed pattern around the bottom hem and opening of the hood. With an urban-chic vibe, this poncho can be worn with a variety of outfits throughout the year. The poncho is available in a variety of neutral earth tones as well as a bolder red or white. Buy it now. 

Warmest Poncho

Sunnyme Women’s Poncho


Sophisticated & Comfortable

With a blend of 65% cotton, 30% polyester, and 5% spandex, this soft and cozy tunic-style hooded poncho from Sunnyme offers the perfect level of layered warmth in a style that accentuates your favorite jeans, leggings, and boots.

What We Liked

This hooded poncho is available in neutral colors like camel, coffee, and khaki, as well as pink, red, and navy (plus more!), offering a sophisticated way to match virtually any outfit. The fringed hem and hood give the poncho just the right touches of texture without sacrificing the warmth of the (mostly) soft cotton construction. The material is thick enough to keep you warm on colder days, yet lightweight and breathable enough to add as a layer on slightly chilly evenings. Plus, it’s baggy enough to keep your purse or handbag tucked hidden beneath the batwing-inspired cloak design while still feeling like you’re wrapped in a favorite warm blanket. Buy it here. 

Best Minimalist Design

Futurino Women Gothic Hooded Open Front Poncho


Long, Bold & Dramatic 

This Gothic-inspired, hooded, open-front poncho from Futurino offers the perfect balance of comfort, sophistication, and head-to-toe warmth.

What We Liked

Slipping on the Futurino poncho will have you feeling like an extra straight out of a Victorian-era movie (in a good way). The entire design gives a sweeping, theatrical touch of sophistication, while still providing the coverage and warmth you’d expect from an everyday article of clothing. Its 100 percent polyester construction has a soft, fleece-like feel that’s perfect for colder months, while the open front provides much needed breathability when layering atop other insulating clothing. Match it with a favorite belt, boots, or slacks for a simple yet head-turning addition to any outfit. Get it now. 

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