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Best Ice Wraps

Taking good care of your body is essential to any workout routine, and one of the best ways to ease your muscles after working out is with a soothing ice wrap. Cold therapy can allow your body to repair itself more efficiently, leading to better, stronger workouts. These soft gel packs adjust to the curve of your body and offer instant relief for any sore or tense muscles. With a variety of sizing, temperature levels and flexibilities, you’re sure to find the perfect ice wrap for your needs.
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Best Overall

The Coldest Ice Pack Gel


Ultra-Cool Relief. This ice pack is formulated to offer the coldest relief possible for aching muscles. 

What we liked: 

This ice pack has its name for a reason—the ultra-cool pack is crafted to get you cold relief as quickly as possible. Its flexible gel inserts make it perfect for wrapping around sore muscles. The pack is registered by the FDA and used professionally to ease light injuries. Customers loved how quickly this ice pack freezes and we appreciate the company’s multiple sizing options. Buy it here.

Most Flexible

TrekProof Ice Pack


Hot and Cold Set. TrekProof’s kit includes a hot and cold pack for flexible relief. 

What we liked: 

This medical-grade gel pack set can be microwaved or frozen for corresponding hot and cold relief. Notably, this pack comes with an adjustable strap to wrap the compress wherever needed on your body. The set also includes two packs, so you can simultaneously ease different muscle groups. Users loved the thickness of the included straps and found that the gel compress did a great job retaining its desired temperature. It's available now.

Best Value

NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap


 Flexible Relief. NataCure Cold Pack conforms to your body for the most effective relief possible. 

What we liked: 

This cold pack comes in different sizing options from 3x5” to 11x14”, allowing you to target numerous areas of your body, and the strap pouch makes it easy to apply the relieving gel packs to a variety of muscle groups. Customers noted how flexible this gel pouch was and loved the sturdiness of the added velcro strap. Buy it now.