Best In Line Back Stretch Benches

These days, most of us spend our working days sitting. Whether it’s at a desk or a conference table, it puts an unmistakable strain on our backs and necks, leaving many with chronic pain or fatigue. Spending a bit more time on your feet can help, but sometimes that’s a luxury that you can’t afford during a busy workday (or work week). When the only chance you have to decompress is a few minutes at the end of the work day, stretch out your back and neck with an in line back stretch bench. This bench will help decompress your spine while giving you a relaxing stretch.

Best for Decompressing Your Spine

Stamina in Line Back Stretch Bench


A Gentle Stretch

This back stretch bench helps relieve tension after a day of sitting.

What We Liked

The padding along the length of the bench makes it comfortable to lay on and reduces stress on your spine. The several different stretching configurations possible with the bench let you stretch out your back, hips, knees, and neck, decompressing your spine and easing tension in your joints. This can help relieve pain and tightness in your back, neck, knees, and hips. Available on Amazon.