Best Knee Ice Pack Wraps

Whether caused by injury, surgery or arthritis, the misery and discomfort of knee pain can affect your mobility and make life miserable. One of the easiest ways to ease the pain is by applying hot or cold therapy and compression. Knee Ice Pack Wraps are excellent at-home solutions for such therapy. They’re affordable, easy to use and can be used over and over, making them very cost-effective. To help you find the wrap that’s right for you, our editors took a knee and compressed their favorites into this handy list.

Editor’s Choice

Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap


Targets both the front and back of the knee. The Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap delivers hot or cold therapy and effective compression in a highly adjustable design.

What We Liked

We love Vive therapy products for their quality design and construction, and this knee wrap is no exception. It’s made of thick neoprene, and it has four hook-and-loop adjustable panels that provide a custom fit at the top, middle and bottom of your knee. Includes three removable ice packs that can also be used for heat therapy. Plus, this wrap has a more calming, attractive appearance than most. Get it here. 

Best Value

ComfiLife Knee Ice Pack Wrap


Best price for effective hot or cold knee therapy. The ComfyLife Knee Ice Pack Wrap is the affordable choice for effective relief from pain and swelling of the knee.

What We Liked

This basic, no-frills design has garnered more than 450 five-star reviews from Amazon customers. It fits well and can be used on the elbow as well as the knee. Includes one ice pack that easily retains cold for 20 minutes or more. For effective therapy at a great price, you can’t go wrong here. Buy it now. 

Coldest Therapy

The Coldest Water Knee Ice Pack Wrap


Deep Cold. Seriously. The Coldest Water Knee Ice Pack Wrap lives up to its name by delivering super-cold therapy.

What We Liked

Simply put, it’s colder than the rest. We’re not sure how they do it, but the ice packs in this wrap seem to get colder than others. Plus, the design evenly distributes cold around your entire knee and features special cold webbing technology for improved cold transfer. You can easily walk around in this wrap without it shifting. Buy it here. 

Best for Compression and Cold

Brownmed Polar Ice Knee Wrap Ice Pack


Dual benefits for double-barreled therapy. The Brownmed Polar Ice Knee Ice Pack Wrap provides top-to-bottom, 360-degree cold/hot therapy and compression.

What We Liked

This wrap is fantastic for full-coverage therapy around your knee. The design goes all the way around your knee, so it delivers therapy and compression to the front, back and sides, all at the same time. Plus, unlike most knee wrap ice packs, this one features a network of small ice pockets rather than one or two larger packs. This makes it more flexible and allows for even cold/hot transfer to your entire knee area. In addition, the wrap is fleece-lined, so it’s very comfortable to wear. Get it now. 

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