Best Leg Elevation Pillows

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, hoping to improve your posture, or simply need some relief after a long day on your feet, a leg elevation pillow may be the answer. Designed to naturally raise your legs while seated or reclined, elevation pillows work to align your spine, reduce pressure on your legs and lower back, and improve the blood circulation in your legs. Design, material, and size are important features to evaluate when selecting a pillow. We’ve reviewed four great leg elevation pillows on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.

Best Design

Restorology Elevating Foam Leg Rest Pillow


Non-Slip, Elevating Pillow. This elevating leg rest pillow is made with non-slip grips to keep legs from slipping off while in position. Remain in place and comfy.

What We Liked

We liked the soft, 100% polyester pillow and the ability to use it under our legs, upright, and on our side. This pillow provided great relief after being on our feet all day. The grip design gave us great stability and kept our legs in place while sleeping and resting on the sofa. The removable, washable cover made it easy to keep clean as well. Buy on Amazon.

Most Comfortable

Cushy Form Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow with Memory Foam Top


Memory Foam Top. This comfortable memory foam top pillow is ideal for injury rehabilitation and healing elevated leg posture.

What We Liked

The Cushy Form Post Surgery pillow is comfortable and supportive. We liked the height of this pillow, as it helped alleviate back pain and improve our posture after repeated use. The removable, washable cover was a nice bonus.  Shop on Amazon.

Best Guarantee

Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow


60 Day Guarantee. This ergonomic leg elevation pillow comes with a 60-day night trial and money-back guarantee. You’ll be able to test it out and make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

What We Liked

The Ebung pillow came with a great money-back guarantee after a 60-night trial, which we appreciated. We liked the ergonomic design and the way it was able to relieve pressure off our legs while in use. We felt the pillow material was soft, breathable, and comfortable. We thought this pillow was perfect for relaxing, at-home therapy. Buy Now.

Best Value

Intevision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow


Ortho Wedge Pillow for Less. This two-layer ortho wedge pillow is designed to provide leg support. You’ll get optimal relief for a great price.

What We Liked

This wedge pillow is a two-layer design made with memory foam on top and a firm base foam on the bottom. We liked the machine-washable bamboo cover. This pillow helped improve our circulation and was very comfortable night after night. It’s affordable, durable, and effective.  Available Now at Amazon.