Best Makeup Organizers

If you're like most of us, you've got makeup stashed everywhere in your bathroom. Even if you don't wear much of it or wear it often, products pile up in pouches here and bins there, with odds and ends in the cabinet. Makeup—especially with new products coming out every day—is seemingly impossible to keep organized. Say goodbye to those days! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best makeup organizers that house plenty of products to keep up with your ever-growing collection. These favorites have unique designs we're sure will make your grooming rituals a little more convenient and your space a little less cluttered.

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Most Functional

HBLife Makeup Organizer


Interlocking & Detachable Organizing Options

From HBLife comes this DIY makeup organizer with three separate sections that make it easy to keep products conveniently together, along with the option to detach each section for stowing in drawers and cabinets to free up counter space.

What We Liked

Wearing and using makeup means having options. So why shouldn’t the way you organize it have options, too? This clever design from HBLife made of clear acrylic lets you keep all of your products conveniently arranged and on display, or to use each of the three pieces to mix and match the way you store them. The base features two large pullout drawers for bigger, awkwardly shaped products. The middle section includes two medium-sized, longer drawers for flatter and longer products, as well as two smaller drawers. The top of the unit features 16 open-top compartments capable of housing up to 15 brushes, 10 lipsticks, 8 nail polishes, 8 eyeliners, 3 eye shadow palettes, or a variety of other smaller options. The sections are interlocking and each feature non-slip mats on the base, allowing the option to keep the unit as a whole, arranged side by side, or in different places all together. Tons of storage, endless options. Get it here. 

Most Versatile

Stori Clear Plastic 6-Compartment Vanity Makeup Organizer


Save Space & Display Products

This compact, space-saving makeup organizer is made of clear acrylic for keeping products in sight and on display in six, open-topped compartments.

What We Liked

Measuring a mere eight inches by six inches, this handy little makeup organizer is perfect for keeping everyday products on display and easily accessible. The design ascends in height from front to back with a curved-lip front for easy access to smaller items and sloped sides to keep taller products upright. Perfect for keeping products on display atop the toilet, on the sink, or on a shelf. This makeup organizer also doubles as a men’s product valet, desktop organizer, and a variety of other functions. Buy it now. 

Most Organized

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display


Endless Makeup Storage Options

Available in six- and seven-drawer options, this Sorbus makeup organizer made of clear acrylic features an array of drawers as well as an open, 16-slot top organizer designed to reduce clutter and keep products accessible.

What We Liked

Perfect for those who can’t seem to keep track of their lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes, and primers, this organizer—available in three large/four small drawer or four large/two small drawer options—provides a convenient and clutter-free way to keep each of your products in a designated space. The clear design makes it easy to see what you’re reaching for, plus each drawer comes with a removable, black mesh lining to protect the products and keep them in place. The open-top organizer is interlocking and detachable and features 16 conveniently sized slots for taller products and brushes. Buy it here. 

Most Stylish

AmeiTech Makeup Organizer


Rotating, Stylish Display & Organizer

Featuring customizable and adjustable tray levels, this 360-degree, rotating makeup display and storage cylinder offers a chic, stylish, and functional way to keep your products organized and within reach.

What We Liked

At 15 inches tall with a 10.3-inch diameter base, this rotating, cylindrical makeup organizer accommodates up to 60 brushes, 30 products, and a variety of mix-and-match accessories like lipstick, nail polish, perfume, eyeliner, and more. The shelves are removable, and the base features notches for easily adjusting the heights of each shelf, allowing you to customize the design depending on the size and shape of your favorite products. The open top features partitions of various sizes to house and easily access smaller, everyday products, and the whole unit rotates for a space-saving way to access your entire collection. Get it now. 

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