Best Massage Balls & Rollers for Aching Feet

Given that your feet bear the burden of most of your waking—not to mention, walking—life, isn’t it time you give them the love and attention they need? Let these massage balls work out the acute pain of plantar fasciitis in your heels and general aches across the rest of your foot. Even better: You can use them to unknot deep-tissue aches in other areas where you carry life’s stresses, like your neck, shoulders, glutes, and thighs. These massage balls and rollers offer a range of styles and functionalities, so you can get top-notch pain relief.

Best All-Around Massage Balls

Physix Gear Massage Balls


Pinpoint Pain Relief

All-around, deep-tissue repair and rehab.

What We Liked

Quickly relieve muscle aches and tissue pain in the soles of your feet as well as other areas of your body like the neck, shoulders, and glutes. Get it here. 

Most Versatile Home Massage Set

Pasnity Foot Massage Roller & Spiky Balls


Work It Out

A variety of tools to cover all your ache-inducing bases.

What We Liked

Rub out the accumulated aches of sore arches and pain in the heels and balls of your feet with a textured massage roller. Massage balls are also included for more targeted and portable usage. Buy it now. 

Best for Travel

Two-Pack Healthy Model Life Massage Balls


Massage Therapy

Muscle and tissue care for busy and on-the-go people.

What We Liked

Work out all your plantar fasciitis discomfort with a pair of massage balls. These have excellent firmness to get deep into damaged tissue areas for maximum relief. Keep one at home and throw the other in your travel bag so you’re never without one. Buy it here. 

Best Precision Pain Relief

Body Back Foot Star Plantar Fasciitis Roller


Deep Tissue Relief

Welcome relief in a roller ball that spreads the pain—in a good way.

What We Liked

Another roller that’s designed to get deep into the knottiest of muscle aches, this firm, rubber-like ball includes a shell of flat-nibbed spikes that help spread the downward pressure across a wider area. Get it now. 

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