Best Men’s Scarves

One item that needs to be a staple in your wardrobe is a nice, dependable scarf — in fact, not just one scarf, but several. Scarves aren’t just handy for keeping your neck warm, after all. They’re a stylish statement piece that can say a lot about your personality and look before you even take off your coat. So, whether you’re jetting off on a vacation to the ski slopes, walking to work, or wandering about the city, make sure you have a scarf at the ready to top off your outfit.

Best for Everyday

Bleu Nero Luxurious Winter Scarf


luxurious, Soft, Oversized. This luxurious-looking scarf livens up any outfit.

What We Liked

If you want an everyday scarf, you’ve found it. This luxurious, soft, oversized scarf (it’s 70 inches long and 12 inches wide) is made from 100 percent viscose fabric, giving it a cashmere-like quality. Choose from more than 40 designs, colors, and patterns, for something to wear with every outfit. The scarf is less than 20 dollars, too, so even if you do happen to lose it or leave it behind, you can easily purchase another without breaking the bank.  Buy Today on Amazon.

Best for Cold WeatherA

Alpine Swiss Men’s Plaid Scarf


Stay Warm and Stylish. Bundle up this winter, without saying goodbye to style.

What We Liked

At 80 inches, this Alpine Swiss scarf is extra long, meaning you can easily fold it, double it up, and wrap it around your neck several times. This full coverage is sure to keep you toasty no matter the weather. Choose from seven different designs; all the designs are relatively conservative, so they’ll be suitable to wear with most outfits. Get Yours on Amazon.

Best for a Timeless, Classic Look

TZ Promise Plaid Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf


Plaid, Cashmere Scarf with a Classic Look. For those days when you want to feel extra refined, break out this plaid, cashmere-feel scarf.

What We Liked

This scarf has a wonderfully classic design and feel. Plaid scarves have been in style for decades, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so having one of these scarves in your closet would be a safe choice for years to come. Choose from 25 different color combinations, whether you want something subdued, such as a black and gray, or something with a bit more pizzazz, like a bright turquoise.  Buy Now.

Best Short Scarf

Love Lakeside-Men’s Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf & Buffalo Check Scarves


Shorter Scarf Length for the Perfect Fit. A shorter scarf means you can look stylish no matter your height.

What We Liked

Those who are on the shorter side will attest that having a long scarf means one of two things: you either have to wrap it around and around and around your neck, making yourself undeniably hot, or you have to let it hang, where the scarf eventually gets wrapped up in your legs as you walk. This plaid scarf is a mere 65 inches long, making it the perfect length for shorter scarf wearers.  Available at Amazon.

Most Functional

Port Authority Men’s Extra Long Fleece Scarf


Put Your Warmth First. This simple scarf is just the thing you need when shoveling snow or having a snowball fight.

What We Liked

What We Liked: This 100 percent polyester fleece scarf is 80 inches long and comes in six plain colors. While it’s not the most stylish scarf available to shoppers, it is very functional, putting warmth and size first. The material is breathable, so it doesn’t cause you to sweat, and it’s also pill-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about annoying pilling after a few wears.  Grab Yourself One at Amazon. 

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