Best Menstrual Panties

Leaks during your menstrual flow are embarrassing. Using menstrual panties can provide you with peace of mind during the day or night that even if you do leak, it won’t show. Both teens and adult women can benefit from the extra protection and security that menstrual panties provide. When shopping for menstrual panties, look for ones that fit your body securely and have the level of protection you desire. Some panties should be used with your regular menstrual products, while other panties can be used on their own. Lastly, follow washing and drying instructions carefully to keep the special absorption material in good condition. Here’s our list of the best menstrual panties on Amazon, and here’s hoping you discover exactly what you need.
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Most Comfortable

YOYI Fashion Women Menstrual Period Briefs 

Comfort with Added Protection. These menstrual panties come in a colorful assortment and provide extra protection and security from leaks.

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This pack of menstrual panties gives you extra protection from leaks during your menstrual cycle or in cases of incontinence. The water-resistant lining goes from the gusset to the waistline to protect you day or night if your normal menstrual protection overflows. They are comfortable to wear. They can be either machine or handwashed, but they should only be air-dried to protect the lining. Get it here.

Best Leak Protection

Funcy Women Menstrual Period Protective Panties

3-Pack of Protective Panties. This product provides extra protection from leaks during menstrual cycles and can be used for incontinence or postpartum bleeding as well.

What We Liked: 

You don’t need to worry about leakages during your menstrual cycle when you use these panties along with your regular menstrual protection. These panties incorporate a water-resistant lining with three layers of regenerated cellulose fiber to make them leakproof. The mid-rise design is stylish and comfortable. These panties have a broader design to protect against side leaks, and they boast extra protection on the back to provide peace of mind when sleeping. The seamless design is comfortable and smooth. These panties are made of bamboo fiber and spandex and are easy to clean. Buy them today.

Best for Teens

3 Pack Teens Cotton Menstrual Protective Underwear

Protective Panties for Youth. These menstrual panties come in a 3-pack and are made from cotton on the outside with fun designs that will appeal to teenagers.

What We Liked: 

These comfortable menstrual panties provide security and protection from leaks to give teens peace of mind and avoid embarrassing leaks. The leakproof lining helps protect your clothes when your menstrual protection overflows. These panties have full back coverage, so you don’t have to worry about leaks at night. These panties can be hand or machine washed but should only be air-dried. Buy it here.

Best for Exercising

Bambody Period Panties: Hipster for Tweens & Women

Hipster Underwear for All Women. No matter your age, these menstrual panties are designed to work well with activewear, so you can be comfortable and have extra protection against leaks even when exercising.

What We Liked: 

These menstrual panties come in a 3-pack and are perfect for active individuals. The hipster design fits securely and is comfortable to wear with yoga pants or other workout pants. These panties are made from bamboo and spandex and are very soft to the touch. They provide full protection day or night from the front to the back against leaks when your menstrual products overflow or leak. Feel confident as you perform, compete, or workout in this protective underwear. Buy it here.

Best All-Around

Intimate Portal Period Panties Leak Proof Menstrual Underwear Women Tweens Girls

Includes a Hidden Pocket. These menstrual panties help protect against leaks when your menstrual protection overflows and have a hidden pocket to store a menstrual pad or tampon when you’re on the go.

What We Liked: 

These menstrual panties provide extra protection and security against leaks when your regular menstrual protection overflows. These panties offer full coverage from the front to the back, so you know you are protected from embarrassing leaks even when sleeping. These panties also come with a hidden pocket to allow you to store a spare pad or tampon for when you’re on the go. The leakproof lining has a surface made of cotton fabric for comfort, and the material is soft and gentle on your skin. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and do not contain harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, or azo dyes. Get it here.