Best Milk Frothers

There's nothing better than your favorite barista-made, creamy, frothy coffee beverage. But there's nothing worse than not being able to make it yourself at home. The only thing really stopping you is having the right tools to do so. While most coffee shops use commercial-grade steamers and foamers to create that perfectly-textured blend, there are plenty of at-home options to create virtually the same outcome. Looking to make the perfect latte, matcha, cappuccino, or milk shake without having to leave your kitchen? Take a look at some of these everyday milk frothers that will allow you to create creamy, frothy drinks without having to visit a professional barista. Come home from workouts, shower, do a few chores, and reward yourself. (Or, simply wakeup to a scrumptious surprise routinely!)

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Most Professional

Bean Envy Milk Frother


Elegant and Versatile. With a powerful motor and sleek design, this 19,000 rpm, stainless steel frother from Bean Envy features an ergonomic silicone handle that makes it comfortable and convenient to whip up a variety of your favorite blended drinks.

What We Liked

The Bean Envy Milk Frother is available in three color options (black, red, and blue) to match a variety of kitchen aesthetics. It also includes a sleek, stainless steel stand for keeping the frother easily accessible and adding a stylish touch to your countertop appliance collection. It’s battery operated, and at 19,000 rpms, it can create luscious, restaurant-quality froths and foams in just 15 seconds. Additionally, this device can do anything from blending marinades to whipping eggs to stirring cocktails and pretty much anything in between where you’d normally need to reach for a blender. Get it now.

Best for Beginners

Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frothers


So Easy to Use. With a simplistic and ergonomic design, this stainless steel milk frother is easy to clean and even easier to use for your delicious, frothy coffee beverages made in seconds.

What We Liked

This no-frills, one-button switch features a powerful motor powered by two AA batteries. It also operates at near-silence. Whether you want to make your favorite latte at home, scramble eggs for breakfast, or mix up a homemade salad dressing, the BPA-free stainless steel whisk will have it perfectly done in as little as 15 seconds. Buy it here. 

Best Set

Basecent Milk Frother Handheld


Stainless Steel Cup and Frother. The perfect gift set for any coffee lover, this professional-grade, handheld milk frother comes with a dedicated 12-ounce frothing pitcher and an 80-recipe coffee e-guide.

What We Liked

Some of the finest coffee beverages made by professional baristas require combining the coffee or espresso and foam at different intervals for the perfect blend. So, to create the best lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, you need not only a quality frothing device, but also an easily dispensable pitcher to create the perfect measurement and timing. Powered by three AAA batteries, the motor peaks at 21,000 rpms for professional quality foam in just 12 seconds. Unlike most handheld frothers, the Basecent milk frother features a detachable whisk head, which makes cleanup even more efficient. Buy it now. 

Most Versatile

Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss Frother


Quick and Easy Lattes. Make your own coffee shop quality lattes, matcha, bulletproof coffee, frappes, and much more with this high-quality titanium handheld frother from Milk Boss.

What We Liked

With an easy on/off switch integrated into the ergonomic handle, this no-frills, one-touch handheld milk frother adds a professional element to all your favorite drinks. Whether it’s blending collagen powder into your coffee, creating the perfect creamy froth for lattes, blending matcha teas, or even aerating eggs, this Milk Boss frother is easy to use, easy to clean, and a great tool to have on hand in the kitchen or to give as a gift to the coffee lover in your life. Get it here. 

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