Best Mushroom Coffee

Even if you love coffee, it can cause impossible to ignore side effects. A single cup might aggravate acid reflux and digestion or increase insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety. Mushroom infused coffee is a solution to get you back to your beloved cup of joe; packed with health benefits. Mushroom infused coffee possesses the positive qualities as coffee, without the downsides and it tastes and smells like coffee. With as much as half the caffeine as a typical cup, plus vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, you will improve focus and energy. When trying mushroom infused coffee, consider the type of mushrooms in the coffee; and whether its ground, instant, or pods, and the amount of residual caffeine per serving.
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Best Overall 

 Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee 

To Focus and Create. Each cup from the 24-serving bags has 250 mg of both chaga and lions’ mane mushrooms, with just as much caffeine as typical coffee.

What We Liked: 

Ground beans that brew and taste just like coffee, perfect for pour overs and standard coffee machines. Lions’ mane sharpens focus, productivity, and concentration while chaga supports your immune system with natural antioxidants. Get it here.

Best Instant Coffee

Organo Gold Black Ganoderma Coffee

Robust Coffee in a Sachet. Every box has 30 single-serving sachets, each with 9 mg of caffeine and infused with ganoderma lucidum mushrooms.

What We Liked: 

Single servings are perfect for an early afternoon pick-me-up and the sachets are as easy to brew as a cup of tea. Ganoderma lucidum boosts the immune system, fights fatigue without caffeine, and improves memory. Get it here.

Best for Pod Brewers

Genuine Healthy Mushroom Coffee for Immune Boost & Vitality

Low-Acid Potent Brew. Each box contains 12 pods to brew individual 10-ounce cups with 110 mg of caffeine from stone-ground beans infused with 6 medicinal mushrooms.

What We Liked: 

During cold and flu season you don’t have to cut coffee out of your diet to protect your immune system. This unique mushroom blend boosts immunity and vitality with antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory formula. Buy it here.

 Best On the Go Coffee

 Mushroom Cups Go Sharp Superfood Instant Mushroom Coffee

Prolong and Elevate Your Coffee. You get 10 packets of instant coffee per box, just mix with 8 ounces of hot water for 77 mg of caffeine and 800 mg of chanterelle and cordyceps mushrooms.

What We Liked: 

The packets are easy to carry with you on busy days or keep at the office. The vitamin and mineral rich mushroom blend minimizes the negative effects of coffee and prolongs focus and energy. Get it here.