Best Pedal Resistance Bands

If you’ve ever used resistance bands in your home workouts, then you likely already know they help with stretching, flexibility and even strength building. However, did you know that the benefits of resistance bands can be extended even further when you opt to use foot pedal resistance bands? Foot pedal resistance bands offer a comfortable space for you to place your feet and a secure handle to make working your core, arms, legs, and chest safe.

Most Durable

hmercy Pedal Resistance Band


Strong and Sturdy

Four durable latex tubes will stand up to your toughest workouts.

What We Liked

With handles made from high-density foam and the foot pedals that are non-slip and wear-resistant, this is a long-lasting product that will stand up to years of use. And while some resistance bands only include one or two ropes, but this product incorporates four, for greater resistance and elasticity. Order Online.

Best for Beginners 

V-Resourcing Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Equipment


Easy to Use

New to incorporating resistance bands into your workout? Start with this beginner-friendly, simple, and straight-forward option.

What We Liked

Users of this high-quality pedal resistance band enjoy an overall high-quality product that’s easy to use in a variety of ways. The brand helpfully offers users examples and instructions to begin using the bands as soon as they’re delivered. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Versatile 

SOUFEEL Resistance Bands with Handle Ankle Puller


Plenty of Options

Pick from several colors and and multiple uses to get the most from this option.

What We Liked

These resistance bands come in three different colors and can be used in near-endless ways. The design means they can be incorporated into sports, physical therapy, strength training, rehabilitation, wrestling, pilates, yoga, and more. Each package comes with one band and puller and, if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 60 days. Buy Today.

Most Affordable 

HostStyleZ Pedal Resistance Band


Benefits for a Bargain

If price is your primary concern, you’ll appreciate this product’s affordable price tag.

What We Liked

This option is by far the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll notice any lack in quality. The resistance band features four bands that can be used in many of the same ways that more expensive options are, such as for aerobics, yoga and strength training. The small size makes the bands easy to take on the go and use anywhere. Purchase It Here.