Best Pilates Bar

Pilates bars are handy tools to add to your Pilates routine. They can help you develop a strong core and learner muscles. These bars are often weighted and have convenient grips so you can work out with confidence. Some feature straps and bands, which will allow you to use the bar in more ways. Think you could use a Pilates bar in your daily routine? We’ve rounded up a list of the best choices on the market right now. Keep reading to discover our favorites.

Best Bar with Straps

Empower Pilates Resistance Band


Full-Body Workout. Featuring foot straps, this bar can be used for a variety of exercises. Change up your workout routine in no time.

What We Liked: 

This sturdy bar has two foot straps, made of durable stretchy fabric. These straps help you get a full-body workout with your Pilates bar and open up a world of new exercises you can try. The bar can be broken down into two pieces for compact storage. It even comes with a workout guide and access to video examples. Get it today.

Best Reformer

Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower


Feature-Packed. This reformer has every feature you could ever need to use Pilates for working out your entire body.

What We Liked: 

Coming already fully assembled, this reformer has every feature you could ever need and can be easily folded for compact storage. It’s made of high-quality lightweight steel, so you can rest assured that it is sturdy. It includes online and DVD instructions to help you work out your entire body without getting bored by a worn routine.  Buy it here.

Best Basic Bar

Yes4All Total Body Workout Weighted Bar


Customize Your Workout. Available in eight different weights, this handy bar will get the job done in all your basic Pilates bar exercises. Choose what fits and challenges you!

What We Liked: 

This bar features a padded foam surface to prevent slipping and is made of steel. You can also find it in eight different weights, so you can choose the option best for you and burn calories quicker. Each end has an anti-roll cap to keep it securely in place when you store it. And because of its versatile shape and construction, we found it easy to incorporate into our workout. Get it here.