Best Pilates Shoes

Pilates is usually done barefoot, but if you find yourself slipping during class, you may need to consider picking up a pair of Pilates shoes. These lightweight shoes are thin, breathable, and have a slim sole to mimic the feeling of being barefoot. Their rubber soles will keep you from slipping so that you can focus on the class without fear of embarrassment or injury. Think you need to scoop up some Pilates shoes? Check out our guide to the best pairs on the market right now.

Best Strap Shoe

Nufoot Futsoles


Safe and Secure. Lightweight and flexible, these shoes come with the added security of a strap to keep them firmly on your feet.

What We Liked: 

Some women prefer the feel of a Pilates shoe with a strap. If that sounds like you, these flexible and lightweight shoes are a great choice. The soles on these have thick enough tread to be worn outside, but they will still easily bend. They’re available in eight colors and patterns. Note: These shoes are sold in small, medium, and large. Check the sizing chart before ordering. Get them today.

Best Foldable

FitKicks Original Foldable Footwear


Easy Travel. These shoes are so flexible. You can fold them and slip them into your bag once your class is over.

What We Liked: 

We appreciate how flexible these shoes are. Their soles will move easily with your foot during class, making it feel just like you are barefoot. And as a bonus, they can be easily folded in half and stored in your bag. Better yet, the spandex blend fabric is soft and non-irritating. Available in sixteen patterns and colors. Note: They’re sold in small, medium, and large. Check the sizing chart before ordering. Buy them today.

Most Breathable

SEEKWAY Barefoot Quick-Dry Shoes


Custom Fit and Comfort. These are made of a mesh blend that is breathable, and they will easily conform to the shape of your foot.

What We Liked: 

These shoes are made of a clever and breathable mesh blend that quickly dries, which also makes these shoes good for a trip to the beach. The plastic (TBR) material of the soles is used in most sports shoes for its slip resistance. Stretchy and soft, the polyester material will relax you during class. It’s even available in 28 different colors and patterns. Buy them here.

Best Patterns

VIFUUR Barefoot Sports Shoes


Light, Bright and Fun. Available in 45 fun patterns and colors, there is a pair here to match every personality and workout wardrobe.

What We Liked: 

We loved all of the fun patterns and colors to choose from in these Pilates shoes. There are 45 unique choices, so you’ll easily find one that fits your style. The elastic rubber of the sole is comfortable and flexible, so you won’t feel weighed down by these shoes. They’re still thick enough to protect your feet on the street, though. Best of all, the fabric is so stretchy and comfortable, it will remind you of a sock. Get them today.