Best Pranayama Yoga Pillows

The right prop for Pranayama breathing can enhance and deepen your Pranayama yoga practice. A Pranayama pillow can allow you to take poses deeper and hold them longer. A common way to use this style of pillow is to place it along the length of your spine to support opening your chest for enhanced breathing. When shopping for a Pranayama yoga pillow, look for a pillow that is firm enough to offer support, yet soft enough to be comfortable. Here is our review of four different Pranayama yoga pillows so you can find the right one for you.

Best Quality Buckwheat Fill 

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster


Buckwheat Fill Rectangular Support Pillow. This rectangular yoga bolster is made with an organic cotton inner liner and buckwheat fill, which makes it easy to adjust the firmness and height to customize to your needs. 

What We Liked

This yoga bolster can help enhance Pranayama yoga practice by providing comfortable yet firm support to help take poses deeper. The pillow contains natural and non-toxic materials, including Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton and a buckwheat fill. You can easily adjust the buckwheat fill level, by either removing or adding more to achieve the firmness and height that works best for you. According to the company, you can request additional buckwheat fill if needed. The removable cover is washable, and the pillow has a modern design. It has sturdy box-stitched carry handles to allow for easy transport from home to class. The rectangular pillow is 25 inches long, 11 inches wide, andsix inches high, and it weighs 12 pounds. We liked that the fill level of this bolster is easily adjustable to suit your needs and that it comes with an easy to wash cover and sturdy carrying handles. Buy it now.

Most Eco-Friendly 

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support


Eco-Friendly, Lightweight Yoga Bolster. This lightweight yoga bolster is made from recycled, 100 percent vegan materials and comes with a soft eco suede cover.

What We Liked

This yoga bolster is perfect for transporting to classes or for use at home. The lightweight design and sturdy handle make it easy to carry. The bolster also comes with a protective cotton bag for added protection during transport. The bolster retains its shape and firmness because of its innovative construction made up of multiple mixed density layers of recycled foam and a concentrated core. All materials are eco-friendly, 100 percent vegan, and non-toxic. The soft eco suede cover removes easily for cleaning. This Pranayama pillow is available in three different colors. According to the company, the bolster measures 25.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 5.9 inches. We liked that this yoga bolster is lightweight for easy transport, has a soft exterior that’s easy to clean, and is eco-friendly. Get it now. 

Best Cover Choices

Bean Products Best Yoga Bolsters


Extra Firm Yoga Bolster. This Pranayama yoga bolster provides extra-firm support with your choice of a vinyl or cotton outer cover to help deepen your breathing practice. 

What We Liked

The Pranayama bolster is only filled with cotton to support your back from tailbone to neck and help with your breathing practice. The bolster is 28 inches by seven inches by six inches. You can select either a vinyl or cotton outer cover, both of which are washable but should be line dried. This bolster also comes in a variety of colors. In addition, these bolsters are made in the United States and come with a one-year warranty. We liked that this Pranayama bolster comes in either a vinyl or cotton outer cover along with a variety of colors. Buy it here. 

Most Compact Size  

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster


Firm, Cotton Pranayama Bolster. This yoga bolster is made with cotton batting and provides firm support along the length of your spine for a heightened Pranayama practice.

What We Liked

This yoga bolster is filled with 100 percent cotton batting. It comes with a zippered outer cover that is easy to wash and air dry. These bolsters are slightly smaller than other similar bolsters, measuring at 25 inches long, six inches wide, and three inches tall. They are lightweight and come with a handle on each end to make them easy to transport. While the cotton will settle over time, you can remove or add cotton to attain the firmness you prefer. We liked that this Pranayama yoga bolster provides firm support along the length of your spine and has an easy to clean cover. Find it here. 

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