Best Resistance Bands

We all know it can be tough sometimes to make it into the gym or yoga studio to get in a workout or stretching session. Luckily, fitness resistance bands can make it super easy to get in a great workout at home or while traveling. These bands are super lightweight and easy to throw into a bag to take on the road. Resistance bands are great for a multitude of movements for yoga, stretching, mobility, physical therapy, and even tough home workouts. We vetted a few different bands and discovered some favorites along the way. Read on to see our top picks!

Best for Pullups

Dynapro Power Resistance Band


Compact and Versatile. This super easy-to-use resistance band is ideal for workouts, physical therapy, mobility, flexibility, and much more.

What We Liked

These bands are the perfect addition to any gym or home workout setup. The different bands offer resistance from 5 pounds all the way to 170 pounds. You can find the perfect resistance for movements such as pullup assistance, physical therapy, mobility movements, and other strength-building exercises. These bands have a lifetime warranty, so you can be certain they will last or be replaced otherwise.

Best for Stretching

ERUW 3 Pack Professional Latex Elastic Bands


Elastic Resistance Bands. This pack of three different elastic bands are great for everyday fitness and improved mobility.

What We Liked

The flexible latex material has great elasticity and feel overall, making them ideal for contact with skin. A very cool addition that comes with these bands is the door buckle that allows you to attach the bands to the top of a door. This allows for even more movement and workout variety. The versatile bands have a weight resistance of 18-33 pounds.

Best for Workouts

Lxuemlu Power Resistance Bands Set


Durable Home Workout Bands. This set of five different bands (with handles) makes an excellent addition to your home or gym workouts.

What We Liked

Our testers agreed: these bands are pretty much a whole home workout system. There are five different bands ranging from 10-50 pounds of resistance that attach to the handles. The cool thing is all five bands can be attached at once to allow for up to 150 pounds of resistance for those more intense strength workouts. Also included is a door anchor for even more movement opportunities. 

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