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The Best Salt Lamp Diffusers

Salt lamps are lamps that use crystals of Himalayan rock salt to create a pleasant, ambient pink light. While the salt they utilize is basically the same as average table salt, trace minerals give the rocks their signature color. While they’re relaxing enough on their own, combining them with an aromatherapeutic oil diffuser adds a whole new level of calm. Create your own sanctuary with these combination salt lamps and diffusers.
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Best Overall

Pure Enrichment PureGlow Crystal

Sleek and Modern

Spice up your space.

What We Liked

If your tastes trend towards the contemporary, this swoopy lamp-slash-oil diffuser fits the bill. Designed to look more like a humidifier than new age paraphernalia, it will fit well alongside your other home appliances. Five different light settings let you fine-tune the illumination for everything from bright shine to a soft glow, and the tank on the diffuser lasts for up to 16 hours. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Affordable

LEVOIT Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Simple Light

Accent your space for less with this great lamp.

What We Liked

Looking for a calming companion to your nighttime work sessions? Add this USB-powered salt lamp to your desk. Made of durable plastic, this lamp is at home in any kind of décor, and an incandescent bulb makes it work as a simple diffuser as well. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the top of the crystals and bask in the warm, inviting smell. Buy now on Amazon.

Best Design

Himalayan CrystalLitez Salt Lamp With Dimmer Cord

Stylish Accessory

This quality lamp is a great addition to any space.

What We Liked

Classic style meets modern sensibility in this well-made salt lamp. A molded glass cube with a heavy base doesn’t tip over, and includes a dimmer switch on the cord so you can customize the diffused glow to your liking. The included salt rocks are mined from deposits roughly 250 million years old, and glow pleasantly alongside the included light. Buy now on Amazon.