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The Best Salt Lamps

Whether you’re looking to purify the air in the room, sharpen concentration and performance, or enhance your mood, you may find salt lamps can provide a solution. Recognized for their ability to purify the air of toxins and dust, people believe that salt lamps can raise energy levels, calm allergies, reduce asthma, and boost blood flow. Salt purity, bulb wattage, light color, and stand material are all important features and benefits to evaluate when selecting a salt lamp. We’ve reviewed four great salt lamps on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.
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Best Deal 

LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp with Extra Bulbs. Hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp with 15-watt replacement bulbs

What We Liked

The LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp serves as a great night light. We liked the calming soft glow of this salt lamp and its unique shape. The light was soft, soothing, and warm. We appreciated the extra bulbs provided that saved us a trip to the store and kept the lamp glowing for a long time. The durable stand with 100 percent natural wood gave us confidence that the lamp would withstand prolonged use.  Buy Today on Amazon.

Best Base

Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp with Natural Base. Himalayan salt lamp with 100 percent natural wood base for long-lasting durability.

What We Liked

The Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp comes with a 100 percent natural neem wooden base. We liked that this handmade lamp was created using salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. The 15-watt bulb gave just the right amount of light and the dimmer switch allowed adjusting the brightness as needed. The 6.6-foot cord was the perfect length to keep the lamp near the bedside.  Get Yours at Amazon.

Best Color

Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt Lamp

Great Color. This Salt lamp is made with 100 percent pure Himalayan salt that emits a beautiful, orange glow great for relaxation as well as a night light.

What We Liked

The Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt Lamp is made from 100 percent pure Himalayan salt. We liked the beautiful orange glow of this salt lamp. We thought it was a perfect size for both the home and the office. We found the dimmer switch perfect to create different moods within the space. We also felt the finished North Indian Rosewood base made this lamp a statement piece within the room.  Shop on Amazon.

Best Quality

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Quality Salt Lamp. The Crystal Decor is built to last and sturdy on any table.

What We Liked

The Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp with Bulb & Cord is hand carved. We liked having the natural source of light within the indoor space. We found the lamp to be very calming. The 15-watt bulb and dimming capability provided the perfect amount of light to relax. The lightweight lamp and easy plug-in cord allowed us to move it around the room as needed. Available on Amazon.