Best Shoe Inserts for Arch Support

Proper arch support is key when on your feet for long periods of time. Having reliable arch support becomes even more important with activities like running or walking. Adding a shoe insert to your footwear is an absolute game changer in comfort and pain relief. Our favorite shoe inserts are designed to be worn in any shoes, all day long. Proper cushioning and arch support were two of the things most important to us when creating this list of best shoe inserts. While these products vary in material type and design, all of the shoe inserts on this list meet our requirements for comfort, support, and affordability.
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Best Shock Absorption

EasyFeet Arch Support Insoles

All-Day Foot Comfort. Premium quality shoe inserts to minimize arch and foot pain. Design features indented heel support that keeps foot bone vertical to provide stability during walking, running, and even standing.

What We Liked

These insoles provide a really nice shock absorbing effect that delivers comfort and stability. The strong arch support with a layer of memory foam cushioning reduces pressure across the foot for all-day relief. Get some here.

Best Cushioning

Dr. Scholl’s Gel Insoles

Reinforced Arch Support. Insoles designed with massaging gel technology to provide all-day shock absorption for people on their feet often.

What We Liked

The arch support with these insoles feels great, and the cushioning is built in all the right places, including the forefoot and heel. There are even cooling vents built into these inserts to keep the foot feeling cooler and dry. Pick up a pair on Amazon.

Best Foot Position

WalkHero Arch Support Insoles

Maintain Proper Foot Positioning. Deep heel cup maintains correct foot positioning and arch support that improves foot and leg alignment, enhancing comfort and easing pain caused by flat feet or low arch structure.

What We Liked

These insoles are definitely designed for everyday use, as they are very comfortable and provide noticeable cushion and support almost instantly. In addition, the heel cup design is great for protecting the heel during hard impacts during running, walking, and prolonged standing. Buy some today.

Best Arch Support

Wernies Shoe Inserts

Functional Inserts. High-performance cushioning and support for all-day comfort and pain relief. Firm arch provides support to stressed or strained arch areas.

What We Liked

The cushioning effect of these insoles is superb. Made of premium materials with EVA foam in the base and gel pads, these inserts provide all-day comfort, adding a nice spring to your step. Pick up a pair here.