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The Best Slippery Elm Products

Slippery elm has been used for years and can help soothe and moisten your throat. Ideal for tickly coughs combined with a dry throat, this herb is extracted from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree, so it's not something you'll be growing on your windowsill. Fortunately, it's easily available in capsule, powder, and you can buy in bulk to make tea. The pleasant-tasting powder is mild-flavored, even a little sweet.  Some like the liquid extract form to put on oatmeal, in smoothies, and even give to their pets! In addition to your throat, slippery elm can help soothe and heal mucous membranes throughout the body and is sometimes used for irritable bowel syndrome.

Best Capsules

NOW Supplements, Slippery Elm 400 mg

Easy To Take.  These NOW supplements in a veg capsule form are great to take at home or on the road.

What We Liked

For those with an upset stomach, many have found relief from Slippery Elm.  We like the quality that NOW provides in its manufacturing, and the capsule form can be taken whole or broken open and poured into tea (or the beverage of your choice). Capsules are an economical choice and this bottle provides 50 servings.  Buy Today on Amazon.

Best Non-GMO and Gluten-Free

NusaPure Slippery Elm Bark Extract 1800mg

Non-GMO Choice.  Take a look at NusaPure's excellent vegetarian and non-GMO capsule option.

What We Liked

Made in a FDA registered facility, NusaPure's capsules are also GMP compliant.  For hundreds of years, native peoples and others around the world have used slippery elm to aid with sore throats, cough, and digestive issues.  While not the cheapest option, we like this brand as it does not contain fillers, artificial flavoring, is operated as a small family business focusing on quality. Available on Amazon.

Best Organic Powder

Micro Ingredients US Grown Organic Slippery Elm Powder

No Capsule?  No Problem.  Micro Ingredients make a great powder to mix into any drink.

What We Liked

Grown in the USA, the Micro Ingredients Slippery Elm powder is a great alternative to capsules or oils.  As smoothie lovers, we mix this into our daily shakes for quicker absorption and if we need it, a higher concentration.  And it also has no additives, preservatives, fillers, GMOs, artificial colors, flavor, soy and gluten.  Stock up on Amazon.

Best Tincture / Liquid Extract

Maui Herbs Slippery Elm Tincture 4 FL OZ Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract

Excellent Extract.  When powders and capsules won't do, try this tincture.

What We Liked

For those who are looking for Slippery Elm in liquid form, Maui Herbs provides a great solution. As with most other products listed here, this product is made in the USA, 100% of certified organic, contain no artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, and no yeast or starch. As a liquid, this versatile form is even easily mixed into food or drink. And for those that have had success giving Slippery Elm to their pets...the extract/liquid form is an easy way to deliver what their furry friends need.  Available on Amazon Today.