Best Spruce Oils

Derived from pine trees, spruce oils woodsy scent reminds people of winter, so you can bring the crisp Christmas smell into your home any time of year with just a few drops. Plus, spruce oils are expectorants, which mean they open up your airways so you can breathe easier. Meaning: These five spruce oils will cleanse your home and your mind.

Most Potent

Artizen Spruce Essential Oil


Undiluted Soothing Spruce

Try the number-one selling essential oil single on Amazon to fill your entire room with the calming aroma of spruce.

What We Liked

This therapeutic-grade essential oil is made from 100% natural oil—meaning it’s not diluted and doesn’t contain any carrier oil—so your nostrils are getting a concentrated dose of woodsy, calming spruce. Place a few drops in your diffuser or humidifier to make you feel like you’re walking through a forest. Get it here. 

Best Organic

Healing Solutions Organic Spruce Essential Oil


Completely Organic

The purity guarantee on this bottle ensures that this oil has been analyzed for adulterants like chemicals or additives.

What We Liked

This manufacturer is the only brand to make the test results of their essential oils public, so you can see for yourself just how pure the oil in your bottle is. Pure essential oils are more potent than others and have not been contaminated by chemicals in their soils, so you know you’re getting a strong, natural product. Buy it now. 

Best for the Holidays

Nature’s Oil Spruce Essential Oil


Holiday Spirit

Third party tested and kosher-certified, this spruce oil is all natural and verifiably pure so it enables you to feel like you’re smelling real Christmas trees (even if you put up an artificial one).

What We Liked

This oil is made from Picea mariana, otherwise known as black spruce, which can be found in North America and provides a powerful pine needle scent. Black spruce often reminds people of the wintertime, so you can get the feeling of Christmas morning any time of year with this distillate. Buy it here. 

Best for Massages

Healing Solutions Therapeutic Grade Spruce Essential Oil


Natural Massage Aid

The smell of spruce is a natural expectorant which means it clears your airways, so during a massage you can breathe easier, helping you to release muscle tension.

What We Liked

Being of therapeutic grade, a few drops on your palms when massaging your calves, forearms, or anywhere else on your body that’s tight can help to release tension. Get it now. 

Best for Cleaning

Vitruvi Spruce Essential Oil


Distilled From Austrian Spruce Trees

All-natural essential oil that can be added to cleaning supplies to enhance their efficacy.

What We Liked

Add a few drops to your cleaning solution to naturally get rid of stains, help disinfect surfaces, and leave your home smelling like a forest. It’s great on anything from hard wood counters to tee shirts. Buy it today. 

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