Best Standing Mobile Whiteboards

Whether you are leading a class, gathering data for a meeting, planning your own weekly workouts, or doodling artwork and ideas, standing mobile whiteboards are a great tool to capture and present material. Designed to be a temporary place for information, mobile whiteboards can be moved around a room, office, or any space for added flexibility. Size, adjustability, and versatility are key features to evaluate when selecting a standing mobile whiteboard. We’ve reviewed four great options on the market and provided their best features and benefits below. Hopefully, one of our favorites here will become your favorite very soon!
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Editor’s Choice

CREATIVE SPACE Standing Mobile Whiteboard

Magnetic and Simple to Use. This quality-constructed, magnetic standing mobile whiteboard comes with adjustable height and a triple locking system for easy and stable positioning.

What We Liked

This whiteboard is 48 x 36 inches. We liked that the whiteboard was easy to assemble and came with a great accessory kit. We used the magnetic feature to hang charts and images we needed for discussions. The triple locking system kept the whiteboard in place for us and made for steady writing during exciting sessions where multiple people were brainstorming on the board. Purchase one on Amazon.

Most Versatile

flybold Mobile Whiteboard

Great Up or Down. It’s an easy-to-assemble whiteboard that is designed for both mobile and wall mount positioning.

What We Liked

This whiteboard is 48 x 32 inches. We liked that this whiteboard was solid and sturdy. The simple, streamlined design worked great in our office space. We appreciated the flexibility to both stand the board up and wall mount it. We were able to easily adjust the angle of the board for easy writing. We got a lot of use out of the eraser, magnet, and pins that came in the accessory kit. Get one now.

Runner Up

Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard

Multi-Purpose. This mobile whiteboard is designed with integrated flip chart hooks for effective multi-purpose use in a classroom or conference area.

What We Liked

This board is 36 x 24 inches. We liked that this whiteboard was magnetic and came with a lifetime warranty. We got a lot of use out of the flipchart hooks, which allowed us to use a combination of the white board and paper to capture ideas being thrown out in our brainstorm sessions. This durable whiteboard was easy for us to move around. Find it here.

Most Adjustable

Follow Your Heart Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

Double-Sided Whiteboard. This double-sided mobile whiteboard is designed with adjustability for height, width, and angle of the board.

What We Liked

This whiteboard can rotate 360 degrees. We liked that it was adjustable in height, width, and angle, making it ideal for a variety of uses and users. It worked great when we were both standing and sitting around a conference table. The eraser and pens that came in the included accessory kit worked great. Get your own today.