Best Stress & Strength Ball Sets

If you picked up a stress ball at a recent conference, don't just leave it on your desk as a colorful paperweight. Beyond giving you something to grip when you feel frazzled, stress balls help with injury recovery, strengthen hands, and reduce anxiety. Teachers even use them to help students mitigate nervous disorders such as ADHD. Here’s our pick of the best sets of grip balls for different uses, from hand and finger strengthening to stress and anxiety relief.

Best for Home Use

The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer (Set of 3)


Get a Grip

The fun, colorful design belies the important therapeutic nature of this strengthening device.

What We Liked

From stress relief to rehabilitation therapy to anxiety alleviation, these egg-shaped rubber balls come in a set of three—soft, medium and firm—and can be ordered in extra small, small, and large sizes to accommodate different-sized hands. Get them here. 

Best Multipurpose Solution

Peradix Hand Grip Stress Relief Ball for Adults and Kids (Set of 3)


Shape Up

Designed to help build hand strength and alleviate stress.

What We Liked

Build finger and grip strength for a range of different activities, or use these egg-shaped thermoplastic rubber balls to alleviate the tension of daily computer use. They are also offered as a round ball. Buy them now. 

Best for Muscle Rehabilitation

Vive Hand Exercise Balls (Set of 4)


Helping Hands

A professional-grade solution for better health outcomes.

What We Liked

Made by a company that offers products specifically to improve healthcare outcomes, this set of four progressive-resistance balls is ideal for physical and occupational therapy use, not to mention stress and fidget relief. Buy them here. 

Best Portable Solution

Secure Stress Balls on a String (Set of 3)


No-Stress Ball

Designed to offer on-the-go, stay-in-place stress relief.

What We Liked

Unlike other stress balls that can easily be dropped or roll away, this product’s graspable rubber strap that can be tethered to your wrist, bag or wheelchair. They’re a great option for elderly rehab patients who may be prone to fumble objects in their grip. Get them now. 

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