Best Tactical Training Plates

Tactical foam training plates are designed for exercises and drills, and they’re even used for activities like airsoft and paintball. The plates are needed to replicate the look and shape of your real SAPI ceramic trauma plates, which are set inside a tactical vest in the military and police force, composing a ballistic vest. While training plates are not designed for absorbing a bullet, these foam “dummies” maintain the shape and structure of the real vest and help replicate actual missions. Check out some of the best foam training plates on the market today.
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Honorable Mention

EMG Tactical Dummy Training Plates


Quality Dummy Training Plates. These foam training plates assume the identical shape, curve, and thickness of real SAPI armor plates. This set includes front and back plates at 10x13” and side plates at 6x6”. 

What We Liked: 

The dummy plates are the complete aid for your personal workouts. They are specifically designed to fit into an EMG tactical vest in order to provide the correct shape, feel, and structure. These plates allow freedom of movement without having to carry actual ballistic plates, and they certainly prevent unnecessary wear or damage to your armor plates during tactical exercises or range drills. The product is produced with high density EVA foam. Get them today.

Runner Up

SportPro Foam Dummy Training Plates


Get a Realistic Look. Excellent for tactical exercises in order to prevent damaging the shape and form of the tactical vest. This set of four includes back/front plates sized at 12x9.5” and side plates sized at 6x6”.

What We Liked: 

These foam plates are another model designed to look like realistic SAPI plates. The gear is ideal for training exercises or playing airsoft in order to absorb hits. The non-ballistic training plates are sold in a set of four (front, back, and two side plates). The plates are super light, and these impact-resistant training plates are constructed with EVA foam. The black training plates present the realistic look and structure of SAPI plates without weighing you down. All four plates are one inch thick and do not inhibit movement during a training exercise. Buy them today.

Top Pick

IDOGEAR Tactical Training Plates


Outstanding Foam Training Plates. These are sold in a set of two with a front and back plate (both 12.6 x 9.4”). The non-toxic foam plates replace SAPI plates with an identical size and feel. They function well for training exercises, along with airsoft and paintball.

What We Liked: 

The IDOGEAR Tactical Training Plates are produced with the same high-density EVA foam as the other two products on this list. However, what separates the IDOGEAR plates from other training tactical gear is the inner liner foam. The lightweight training plates are appropriate for BB balls and airsoft guns, and they certainly assist during very active tactical training exercises. Though the set does not include side plates like the other two products listed here, it does come with a 45-day money back guarantee. IDOGEAR is one of the leading manufacturers in tactical gear, and it shows with their standout version of dummy training plates. Get them today.