Best Therapy Putty Products

Working out pains or strains in the hands can be difficult. But with the help of therapy putty, that all changes. Therapy putty is usually silicone-based putty that helps to reduce pain in the palms. It is also used to increase hand strength and reflexes with regular use. To find out the best therapy putty options, keep reading.

Best for Beginners

FlintRehab Premium Quality Therapy Putty


Easy-to-Use Putty. The therapy putty made by FlintRehab is an easy-to-use product that will help reduce hand pain. 

What We Liked

If you’re new to using therapy putty, check out this option by FlintRehab. It’s a simple, straightforward product with clear instructions, making it the best choice for beginners. This product comes with instructions on easy, beginner-friendly exercises to try with the putty. Buy it here.

Best Overall

Vive Therapy Putty


High-Quality Therapy Putty. Vive therapy putty is made of high-quality silicone that feels nice on the skin.  

What We Liked

We appreciate the reliable quality of this therapy putty. It helps keep the hands and fingers feeling their best without adding additional stress. Though soft to the touch, it still helps soothe pains and support hand strength. This product is also an odorless and nontoxic putty, which is a great plus. Get it now.

Most Affordable

CanDo TheraPutty


Budget-Friendly and Sanitary. The therapy putty made by CanDo costs less than eight bucks, so it’s a great option for those needing to stay on budget. 

What We Liked

We appreciate that CanDo’s therapy putty is an affordable option for those looking to help their hands feel better. It can also stay more hygienic than other therapy putty products, considering it deters bacteria. It is antimicrobial, so it can stay clean throughout several uses. Buy it today.

Most Durable

Special Supplies Therapy Putty 


Long-Lasting Therapy Tool. The therapy putty made by Special Supplies is long-lasting and strong, constructed from silicone that holds its resistance ability for up to a year without graining. 

What We Liked

If you want a long-lasting and durable therapy putty, look no further than this one made by Special Supplies. It can be stretched and pulled without creating grains for up to a year. Get it now.

Those were the best therapy putty products on the market. Any of these options will help you get rid of pain and increase finger strength. Pick up your favorite today!  

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