Best Wheat Gluten

Getting necessary protein as a vegan or vegetarian can be difficult. Luckily, wheat gluten serves as an easy way to mix vital protein into your daily juice or smoothie. This all-natural protein comes in a wide variety of sizes from different sources. Let's dive into four of our favorite wheat glutens for meat-free protein and added elasticity while baking. Read on to discover the top picks on the market.
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Runner Up

Anthony's Vital Wheat Gluten

High-Quality Gluten. This gluten is keto and vegan-friendly, making it great for a wide variety of health enthusiasts.

What We Liked:

This 4-pound bag of vital gluten is packed with nutritional goodness. The gluten is made without GMOs and is vegan, making it ideal for dietary restrictions. This gluten has no added sugar, allowing you to easily mix the supplement into your smoothie or juice without a notable taste difference. Plus, we appreciate that the company’s website gives customers access to highly versatile recipes using the product. Get it here.

Best Overall

Medley Hills Farm Vital Wheat Gluten

Healthy Gluten. This gluten is 100% natural for maximum nutritional benefits.

What We Liked:

This vital wheat gluten has 71% protein content, making for a viable source of energy in any protein drink or smoothie. The 2.5-pound bag has a single ingredient: all-natural, farm-fresh gluten. Our testers loved using this gluten to make seitan and other protein-packed dishes. Get it now.

Best for Absorption

Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten with Vitamin C

Fortified Gluten. This gluten has added vitamin C to help your body properly absorb the plant protein.

What We Liked:

Looking for a no-fuss gluten supplement powder? Check out this wheat gluten by Hodgson Mill. The vital gluten is reinforced with vitamin C, which makes it easier for your body to absorb the gluten’s nutrients. The fortified gluten comes in a compact 6.5-ounce container, and we found this to be the perfect size for compact homes and occasional use. Get it now.

 Best Value

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder

Nutritious Gluten. This gluten is perfect for introductory users, as it is budget-friendly and comes in modest 16-ounce packages.

What We Liked: 

This vital wheat gluten comes at an excellent price point and is ideal for beginners. The 16-ounce package of nutritional goodness is perfect for any home. We loved the consistent quality and texture of this wheat gluten. Plus, you can use this product to make delicious Keto bread! Buy it here.