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Best Yoga Equipment Sets

Whether you’re a yogi with years of experience or a beginner, a complete yoga set is a good investment. They come in coordinated colors so the components are easy to identify as your own in a crowded class. Get a separate set for home and studio so you never forget your blocks or straps. Complete sets come with extra thick mats, which are especially important for beginners. Your inclination may be to get an inexpensive or thin mat when starting out, but your body needs time to build strength, especially in the joints. Buying a set also saves you money, rather than piecing together all the gear you need. When shopping for yoga equipment sets, consider the components included, the thickness of the mat, and the overall value. Have a look at our top three picks below.
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Most Comprehensive Set 

Clever Yoga Set Kit 


The Grab and Go. This seven-piece set includes a travel bag for transporting the 5.6 lb. kit from home practice to the studio with ease. This thick ¼” yoga mat comes with two blocks, two towels, and an 8-foot stretching strap. Get the coordinated set in 5 colors.

What We Liked: 

The thick non-slip mat is easy on joints. Use the larger microfiber towel for added grip on top of the yoga mat, and the smaller one for fast sweat absorption. The spacious travel case has plenty of room for a water bottle or post-workout set of clothes. Buy it here.

Best for Beginners 

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set


Thick and Non-Slip Mat. The memory foam yoga mat is ½” thick and 71” long with a non-slip surface on both sides to prevent sliding, while still going easy on joints. This set includes a 6.5’ yoga strap for deep stretches, as well as two yoga blocks for improving balance.

What We Liked: 

The extra cushy yoga mat comes with a carry-strap for easy transport between the gym and home. It’s also long enough for Barre, Pilates, and all stretching and toning workouts. Get the set in one of 8 colors, so you’ll never confuse your gear with someone else’s in class. Get it now.

Best Value

BalanceFrom GoYoga Set


Two Non-Slip Mats. This set comes in 7 different colors and includes two mats. One 72” full size and a smaller 24” mat to double up where you need added cushioning. The set also includes 2 blocks, 2 towels, and a 6” stretching strap. 

What We Liked: 

Get the set in two different styles, with either a ¼” or ½” thick yoga mat. The extra mat that comes in the set works great for poses that are harder on joints. We found that the mats were certainly made from moisture-resistant materials and were easy to clean, even after our toughest workouts. Get it today.